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  1. At the risk of throwing a monkey wrench into the discussion... I was thinking (always dangerous) that if one of the issues is to help recoup costs, then why not release the VERA module? I'd love to have a video interface like the VERA for some other projects. This would let me connect something like the STM32 to a monitor or TV, or add some cool features to Ben Eater's 6502 kit. The VERA could become a whole product on it's own with higher priced versions that could go up to 720 or 1080i/p HDMI. I'd be happy with a version that might still have some bugs in it if there were a simple way to "Field Program" it. (get it, get it, eh, eh... sorry) Since it's an FPGA the feature set could evolve over time or allow for some trade offs that might not make sense for the X16 but might for other applications. Just thinking out loud.
  2. I've been watching the project from the outside for a while. For me the reasons that I like the X16 are that it is "hackable" and it's "understandable." For a fun hacking project or for educational use these are great. This is why I like the Phase I (DIY or otherwise) and the Phase 2 (less hackable but more attainable) but Phase 3 and the X8 both seem like a grossly under-powered Raspberry Pi. I like the idea of all the exposed hardware that I can poke around on, troubleshoot and hack. If you stick it all in an FPGA then I'm not interested. I can just grab an STM32 Nucleo board or a Raspberry Pi for those things. Or if it's a nostalgic software itch then the emulator works fine for that. I want to hack the hardware. For what it's worth, I would also love to see the VERA board offered on it's own for use on the aforementioned STM32 Nucleo projects. Maybe a VERA shield (eh, eh).
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