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  1. Bit late to the party so apologies all, I've got a hold of one of these https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=2018&sid=aabef2c37ad131918d33376235259bf9 for when I get my a600 back up and running or my X16 which ever happens first. For the TLDR brigade basically it's a 27c 400 or 800 emulator that can be reflashed over USB. Hope it is of use to anyone reading this in the future
  2. Was thinking same. There are some pin headers I believe for additional controller ports that could potentially be brought out on the front but it depends on the final case design. I believe perifractic is the man in the know regarding case design.
  3. I've seen the majority of them, yes they are brilliantly explained. i wonder if he is lurking on this board just to see how X16 is coming along?
  4. I still have some of them in a box in storage. Thanks for the memories
  5. I'm just starting out as well, like you I also find a easy step up lacking when it come to cc65 and the additional programs to make it all work. Luckily I've found "retro assembler" which seems more beginner friendly. Not sure how long it will be before I come back to cc65 though Here's the link if allowed by forum policy https://enginedesigns.net/retroassembler And another for the jumpstart how-to https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/assembly-in-basic-i-setting-up.html?m=1
  6. you could always use a Pico-PSU in lieu of the standard ATX/SFX form factors, and have the 12v brick as an external unit a'la (G)olden days.
  7. @StephenHorn & @SlithyMatt & @izb I did look at acme as i saw a couple of you tube videos by Brent Farris last night and his explanation for a complete newb were good, I'll look at cc65 today to see if i can make head to tail of it. Besides no point swimming against the current if the flow is cc65. Thanks again gents
  8. Hi All, Having never learned machine language of any kind, I think it's about time to start. Is there a recommended Assembler/Compiler combo/suite I should be using? regards P
  9. Just wondering if we have some Amiga a600 hardware guru's who can guide me. Recently got my a600 out of storage only to find some minor capacitor leakage (luckily not too damaging to the motherboard). I've manged to clean it up with IPA and also completed a re-cap, lost 2 solder pad's but have managed to put in some via's to complete the circuit in both cases. Now i'm stuck on a white screen at boot up, resistor R235 on the bottom of the board gets very hot, (next step is to remove this but i doubt that will allow the boot to complete). Modulator is already removed with a view to adding the S-Video adapter internally I've started to look at https://www.amigapcb.org to start tracing out the connections its slow going at the moment, so putting it out there in case one of you retro aficionado's can hit the nail on the head in a single reply. Thanks in advance P
  10. in the same thought process as @TomXP411 swiftlink nomination, adding https://lallafa.de/blog/amiga-projects/plipbox/ which is effectively a parallel port to arduino with a RJ45 shield allowing an Amiga to get online. Would need the driver and TCP/IP stack writing if not already present, additionally converting from the current parallel port to expansion bus.
  11. Thanks for the reply. My next question would have been why not implement it in the FPGA on the Vera board, but you've answered that question as well. Thank you
  12. Hi Tom, what was the reasoning behind going software, wasn't there at one stage a hardware port on the board?
  13. Have now. Completely missed it first time round sorry. P is what is being prototyped at the moment, phase 1 C is the mini itx version in phase 2 E is the raspberry pi size one in phase 3 Old person brain here, didn't join the dots at first glance. Ta muchly for the redirect to the FAQ.
  14. Tasty. Very tasty. Probably been answered before but can someone just explain the differences between the X16 P, C and E versions when they come around. Also @Kevin Williams is the plan to mount the user port on the ATX panel above the SD card slot in the final machine? Otherwise we'd be losing a expansion slot bay. Peapod
  15. Hi team, trust everyone is safe and well. Just stopping by to add my name to the list of the x16 appreciation society.
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