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  1. The way I see it, people can choose if they want the X8, X16 or both. Personally, I'd love to buy both but funds won't allow it, but I'd gladly buy an X8, even if it's just a working populated board (I've recently got a mini 3D printer so I could print a case).. I don't see sales of an X8 dimishing sales of the X16.. But I agree, the X8 can keep interest in the project alive. I mentioned above that I'd gladly pay the mentioned $50 for an X8 and I'd add $10 or $20 extra to help development of the X16. I've watched the videos you and Perifractic have done with great interest (I've always wanted to design my own computer) and I'd consider it a great sadness if nothing came of all the hard work everyone has put into it.
  2. I've not.. I've been working on porting a few games a friend of mine did on the Amstrad CPC to the Commodore 64. The text adventure was a breeze but the game created on the UK originated 3D Construction Kit was near impossible - compared to the Amstrad, the C64 has a lot less memory to use in that program so porting her game was impossible.
  3. If you announced the X8 coming out now for $50, it'll be a case of "shut up and take my money". The main problem with kit forms for me are that my hands are too unstable for soldering.. In fact, they're that bad, I'm having to get a friend of a family friend to do a composite mod on my Atari 7800..
  4. Been following this for a good while with great interest.. It looked like I wouldn't have been able to afford it myself and my soldering skills are rather crap. As a backer of the Spectrum Next Kickstarter 2, I understand about the chip shortages and inflated prices. As for the power supply, it's surprising that there were problems with them. Makes you wonder about the lack of quality control where they're made. Price permitting, I'd love to get the X8.. I've got a USB keyboard at hand which would really suit it and if needed, I can 3D print a case. As for finances, have you considered doing crowdfunding to help?
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