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  1. That's a data point in itself I guess… that different people are interested in the project for a multitude of reasons. Still, let's wait for more votes before drawing conclusions!
  2. One of the reasons I love the BBC Micro is that it _does_ hide many things behind API layers. It was one of the only computers of the era with a fully featured operating system with lots of API calls. That's what allowed things like running software on an external second processor with minimal modification. Not necessarily commenting on whether the same tradeoff would make sense here, but it's an interesting system to look at if you want to see how such an OS could work in the 8 bit era.
  3. Following the extensive discussion on the project's slight change of direction, I'm curious to know which aspects of the X16 attract you most. (Obviously this is an unofficial poll -- I'm just interested, I'm not necessarily expecting David to even read this let alone have it shape the project direction.)
  4. I’d go with a phase 1 kit if buying the prebuilt one would add significant cost. Personally I can’t see the point in phases 2 or 3. The original goal was a computer where you could understand every part of it. Phase 1 fits that scope much better. Also, it seems to me that planning subsequent phases just makes the project bigger. I’d suggest concentrating on phase 1 and shipping it before making further plans. Being realistic, very few people will buy this if they’re not interested in retro computer architectures or programming already. It’s not going to have a software ecosystem to compete with today’s consoles. I’d take that clarity of purpose and super optimise for it. I’m more conflicted about the X8, but would probably lean towards not releasing it for the same reason. The difference in accessing VRAM is my main concern — that would make X8 software incompatible with the X16.
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