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  1. I re-read above a bit closer, sorry I missed it You do bring up a good point: the challenge of highlighting the beauty within while properly identifying on the outside is not to be overlooked. It is a challenge I respect and look forward to.
  2. For myself: I plan to make a case myself out of clear plexiglas (acrylic, whatever). I want to show off that beautiful motherboard that I will fully populate myself. What's the word on decals/stickers?
  3. 8-bit Dave, when you are ready for those of us who wish to simply donate (no obligation), can you send a notice with link? I want to see this dream come true!
  4. I'm going to take a moment to be a cheerleader: You all are Awesome!!! To the community, full of so much wisdom and passion: you are all Awesome!!! To all the Devs (past, present, and yet to be) your Awesomeness is Epic!!! And to 8-bit Dave: your dream has inspired so much imagination and innovative spirit: your Epic Awesomeness is Legend!!!!! I have complete faith that the Commander X16 will be Most Excellent, and I'm happy to wait as long as it takes. P.S. I pray we Never have to subject 8BG to another crowdfunding: he did a video about the last one...I am happy to contribute on Patreon(s) if it comes to that.
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