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  1. Step 1: open terminal. Step 2: type python <scriptname>.py Step 3: press the enter key
  2. To be honest, I've been following this project only casually since it started. When this thread got posted someone said something to the extent of "don't complain about hardware limitations for software you haven't even written" -put up or shut up basically. So I watched SlithyMatt's videos, compiled the emulator, and got started on a game engine. I've been having a blast putting it together, but the learning curve is steep and it's going to be a while yet before I have something worth posting. I imagine there's a lot of people right now having fun tinkering with the emulator but with nothing concrete finished to put in the downloads section.
  3. If you added RAM expandability and no other external circuitry, and changed the video interface to the same one as the x16, would x16 programs not be compatible out of the box?
  4. I would much rather just contribute directly to the effort than buy an x8, which I am not interested in, just to get cash into the x16 phase 2, which I am interested in. I guess what I'm saying is that even if the x8 gets released to fund the x16, there should be the option to not buy it and still help fund the x16.
  5. Hi, I am an embedded software engineer who is much too young to have been part of the 8-bit era of computing, having grown up in the age of the internet. I like writing code and flashing it onto hardware so much that it became my career, so I have been patiently waiting for this hardware to play around with. I have toyed with the idea of putting together my own 6502 computer, and there's even someone on YouTube who shows you how to do it on a breadboard, but I really like the idea that this is a fully designed, mature and tested system with a full kernel and advanced features without the significant drawbacks of real vintage hardware. That said, I don't think an FPGA board really counts as hardware, and I don't think I would personally see any reason to write a program and flash it to an emulation when I can already run an emulation on my computer. What I want is a real 6502 chip, connected with copper to a real memory IC, but I don't want a giant board that takes up my whole desk. I will be sad if phase 2 gets canceled, because that is the most interesting learning tool for me personally. I can see how people might just want to load up games or key in basic on the FPGA version, and other people might want the nostalgia of the big through-hole chips, but I just want an old-school computer I can mess around with in assembly that isn't large just for the sake of being large. I'm happy to assemble it myself, and happy to pay the full price of the big version for the phase 2 version, because while the big version is David's ideal 8-bit computer, the surface mount version is probably mine.
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