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  1. I will send them over before Monday , Cheers !
  2. I can only speak for the core web version , which is straightforward to update, just building the web target and updating the hosted assets (Eg https://sebastianvog.github.io/x16-emulator/x16emu.html ) In the past I provided the web emulator assets to Matt Grandis, who updated the forum . I don’t know details of the forum integration/hosting and thoughts about temporary backward compatibility to the existing r38 software library.
  3. My sincere condolences for your loss and all the best wishes ! best regards Sebastian
  4. Version 38 based web emulator build https://github.com/sebastianvog/x16-emulator/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta.5 e.g. https://x16emu.s3.amazonaws.com/x16emu.html https://x16emu.s3.amazonaws.com/x16emu.html?manifest=https://x16repos.s3.amazonaws.com/chasevault
  5. What I have started working on is to have an additional web-assembly library target in the main emulator project. it will produce the webassembly binaries and a core js interface for low-level interactions with the emulator. it won't generate any html/css files. It's meant to be consumed by more complex projects as @Tmp2k is mentioning. The core library would stay vanilla-js with no framework dependencies other than the emscripten compiler. As a proof of concept I am building an Angular web app which uses the library. Not sure when this is landing, but hopefully soonish. Having said that, i think there are still many features that can and hopefully will be added to the core web emulator, and that should/will be part the main x16emulator repo. or possibly there could be another project under the umbrella of the main x16 repo for a full featured web emulator. I think having it there would probably mean more contributors than forking off. But of course anyone can do how they please through the power of open source Cheers, looking forward seeing x16wide evolve....
  6. Sorry, late to reply here, but it looks like everything got covered I think it would be good to list the supported file extensions on the the upload page if possible. And/or a link to a document/sticky forum post. On the web-emulator I can be more pro-active and put out a visible dialog/warning if the webemulator is not able to load/find a file at startup, at least it will be easier to pinpoint what went wrong. (Right now it will log it in the javascript console, but I assume most people will never look at it) Lastly i looked a bit into the case sensitivity issue from the web emulators perspective. I could make the WebEmulators file-system case-insensitive, so it would work more like as it does on Windows. I will give it a try I probably can make those changes over the weekend and also update the webemulator to the latest r38 release. Cheers, Sebastian
  7. Aah, looks like that is the issue. the backend likely overwrites the manifest you included . And as you say it seems to ignore SMF files when generating the manifest . @MattGrandis will have to help us here.
  8. Perhaps the generated manifest is slightly different, did you happen to look into the browsers javascript console and see if any errors were reported ? If you upload your 0.8 again I could take a look and verify if all assets get loaded, at least from the web-emulators perspective.
  9. You can get the webassembly assets here https://github.com/sebastianvog/x16-emulator/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta.4 Extract that to a folder and run a local web server using this folder as root directory (for example running python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 within this folder ) Now you should be able to run the emulator with http://localhost:8080/x16emu.html To load a PRG, you need your apps assets in a folder and a manifest.json file (for example in your current version looks like as generated https://www.commanderx16.com/emulator/40-brixx/manifest.json ) If have your game files in a brixx folder and also put the manifest.json in there, you should be able to launch the game in a browser with: http://localhost:8080/x16emu.html?manifest=/brixx/ If something in the emulator startup doesn't load the javascript console might give some insight, if a file/path was not found.
  10. Great Tetris version! occasionally i get some game pieces stuck on the wall
  11. Hi, I finally got around to sync up with the changes from the main x16 repository and clean-up/rebase my commits. I pushed out a new release here: https://github.com/sebastianvog/x16-emulator/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta.4 I also updated https://x16emu.s3.amazonaws.com/x16emu.html @MattGrandisThis contains a fix for the audio distortion I addressed weeks ago, but never pushed out as a release. Also I would like to retire/not update the https://sebastianvog.github.io/x16-emulator/x16emu.html . Could we change the try-it-online link to go to either the version on amazon aws or to the one hosted on the commanderx16 site ? All the code changes are now in a PR to get back to the main x16 repo https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-emulator/pull/294
    Played two whole games. Worked well, and the AI is the best part ! Finally a chess program I can beat ! Thanks for creating this for the Commander X16 !
  12. Definitely fun to play, well done! Playing with the web emulator the mouse sometimes gets outside of the canvas. I will look into fixing this and keep the mouse captive to the emulator area.
  13. Yeah doesn’t load for me either. at @MattGrandis are we doing file name case conversion on the backend ? I think chase vault expects it all uppercase. Cannot open chasvalt.prg
  14. I was thinking perhaps the web emulator could do that too, make everything uppercase that is passed into the emulators host filesystem. I am not 100% sure though if that is the right thing to do. On https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-emulator about the Host Filesystem Interface it says:
  15. It's been 30 years, but I used to visit the 'Kasseler Thermen' quite often in the late/early 80/90s. I hope that's still around ! And welcome to the X16 forums!
  16. That seems to be it, I renamed the assets to uppercase names and updated the manifest. and it's working now for me in the web emulator.
  17. is there a chance it could be lower/case uppercase related to the assets that need to be loaded? i see in the source it uses "GRAPHICS_TABLES.SEQ" but the assets itself and the manifest is lower case 'graphics_tables.seq'
  18. That's something I can add to the web emulator. Would that be accomplished by passing '-debug' to the emulator during startup, or would anything additional need to be done ? For testing you could bring up the javascript console, go to the main.js sources and put a breakpoint on line 67 ( after var emuArguments are defined. then reload (f5 or reload icon the page) Once it breaks, you could paste "emuArguments.push('-debug')" into the javascript console window and then continue execution. I will run the emulator with out the optimizations, and see if it's related to those.
  19. I have to try it on Linux yet. Performance really differs between browsers/OS combination it seems. One thing I Still would like to try is to pass native sample rate from the browser environment to the core emulator and use this rate. I am not sure if there is significant extra overhead if the sample rates don’t match. In the Code we hardcode Samplerate to 48828. But on the Mac the native sample rate in the chrome Audio context is 44100. Not sure if that matters at all. After doing many modification to the audio code, I reverted most of them back and only increased the samples_per_buffer constant to 1024. Which got rid of the crunchiness in most cases.
  20. I have been looking into the audio code a bit it should sound less 'crunchy' now. https://x16emu.s3.amazonaws.com/x16emu.html?manifest=https://x16repos.s3.amazonaws.com/chase.zip (compared to https://www.commanderx16.com/emulator/x16emu.html?manifest=/emulator/9-chase-vault/ ) I tested on a Mac with Chrome and Safari. Please let me know if that improves it for you too.
  21. Fix for loading 'old' way for manifests. https://github.com/sebastianvog/x16-emulator/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta.3 e.g.: https://x16emu.s3.amazonaws.com/x16emu.html?manifest=https://x16repos.s3.amazonaws.com/chasevault/
  22. I am fixing that now... copy&paste bug. I wish I had some unit-tests that could have caught that. In regards to the manifest.json separate from the zip, i thought about this too. Then inside the manifest we could have a link to the .zip file. also another thought if we do this, do we then really need the resources section or do we just load any file that is inside the zip the manifest is pointing to. That would make it easier to not have to maintain the list of resources to be loaded. so the manifest could just be { ... start_prg: FILE.PRG resource: https://x16repos.s3.amazonaws.com/chase.zip } I don't know, i kind of like that everything could be self-contained in one zip, but on the other hand it would simplify things. the developer would just upload a zip with all his x16 assets and just say what is the start_prg and don't worry about the resources section in the manifest
  23. Sounds good. And also if you think you the manifest/zip file mechanism for loading is missing something or could be done in a different/better way, please let me know. I am open to make modifications to make it as easy/useful as possible.
  24. @MattGrandis @Perifractic I have an updated version here: https://x16emu.s3.amazonaws.com/x16emu.html?manifest=https://x16repos.s3.amazonaws.com/chase.zip Support for zip files in the ?manifest parameter was added. (the old way should also still work) The emulator expects the manifest.json in the root of the zip. Support for Basic programs was added: In the manifest, the basic file has to be specified with "start_bas": "HELLO.BAS" I also added error logging in the javascript console. If the emulator doesn't start as expected, the logging should hopefully point to the area of failure. Lastly , I took some work-in-progress speed optimization code from @StephenHorn and Michael Browns Pull Request to make web emulator a lot more usable. The zipped assets for the web emulator are under https://github.com/sebastianvog/x16-emulator/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta.2 By next weekend I hope to clean up the code, add some general readme for the manifest.json format, and create a pull request to get this back into the main x16 GitHub repo. Cheers, Sebastian
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