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  1. Sorry, missed this, I have not looked to closely into the sound issue (other then getting it to work again, even though it sounds a bit experimental) . But it's definitely on the list of things i want to do. https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-emulator/issues/271
  2. @MattGrandisBasic files I think it might not work currently due to how I pass it to the emulator. I can check later to see how this is implemented. there might need to be an adjustment done, but the same concept should work. I am also working on just supplying a .zip file to the emulator which can contain all the assets and manifest. I think that would be a bit easier to maintain instead of having to deal with folders. I am halfway done with it but stopped work on that a while ago. I will pick it up over the weekend.
    Simple, but addictive game ! I finished it !
  3. The following exception happened in the browser: "Access to fetch at 'https://cx16.dk/cx16maze/manifest.json' from origin 'https://sebastianvog.github.io' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource." This is a CORS issue. Basically the browser not allowing to fetch the resources from a different domain. Not sure how much control you have over your backend, but can you configure the server to allow cross origin requests? This resource might help https://enable-cors.org/server.html Oh and additionally: I made a mistake in my original post. it has to be a manifest.json file not a manifest.xml but i still think CORS issue need to be fixed as well. Also, I don't mind hosting for the short-term: https://sebastianvog.github.io/x16-emulator/x16emu.html?manifest=https://x16repos.s3.amazonaws.com/cx16maze/
  4. I plan on keeping it current to the latest official release of the x16 emulator and plus changes on my end that might not have merged back yet to the main x16 emulator repo . At some point I will move away from using GitHub pages as a static web-server and host the web emulator on AWS. It probably will also make sense to have a stable production version which lines up with official Emulator Releases and a development version which can change frequently.
  5. I have been looking into it and sound for WebAssembly is supported now(with issues). Browsers don't allow playing of sound without prior user-interaction. There is a audio icon (top left in fullscreen mode), which will toggle on/off the audio portion of the core emulator.. If you click it, the sound will start playing (not immediately sometimes, in ChaseVault you sometimes have to lose a life and then audio will start up again ). Currently the audio output is distorted, so something in the audio init is not correct for WebAssembly. I will look into it this weekend. Performance is also browser dependent, there is a noticeable slow down in Safari for me, whereas Chrome seems to run smoother.
  6. Hi, I updated the web version x16 emulator at https://sebastianvog.github.io/x16-emulator/x16emu.html It has the latest R37 code, and some web assembly related fixes (audio, rendering on hdpi displays) As an added feature for developers, who would like to show case their work online, you can now point a remote web folder to the emulator. As example I used @SlithyMatt awesome ChaseVault game and put the chase vault files on a static web site and then pass in that URL via the ?manifest parameter https://sebastianvog.github.io/x16-emulator/x16emu.html?manifest=https://x16repos.s3.amazonaws.com/chasevault/ The web emulator expects/loads a manifest.json file from that location, loads all resources and then executes it. The manifest structure looks like this { "manifest_version": "1.0", "name": "Chase Vault", "author": "Matt Heffernan", "app_version": "0.4", "license": "GPL 3", "start_prg": "CHASVALT.PRG", "resources": [ "CHASVALT.PRG", "BITMAP.BIN", "MUSIC.BIN", "PAL.BIN", "SPRTATTR.BIN", "SPRITES.BIN", "STARTBG.BIN", "TILEMAP.BIN", "TILES.BIN", "WINMUSIC.BIN" ] } The format of the manifest is subject to change. This was a first shot at this. Let me know what you think. I hope this will be useful to showcase/share application with the community for easy consumption in a web browser. cheers, Sebastian
  7. Hi, Sebastian here. I am excited to be part of the Commander X16 community. My first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 and I then went on to the C64 and finally the Amiga. I never really learned to program on the C64 other than Basic, but did quite a bit assembler programming on the Amiga. Last year, I did add support for WebAssembly to the X16 Emulator. After a bit of a break, I recently started working on the ability to load Programs/Demos via the Web Emulator. Feel free to get in touch with me for anything related to the web version of the emulator! Best regards, Sebastian
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