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  1. it seems reasonable from a programmer perspective to have all the via lines dedicated to user port to originate frome the same side.of the via
  2. Good morning : How is the of SD Card read write going ? Is it stable now?
  3. @Wavicle posted the real pinout: it looks like that only PB7 on the SMC is free: for this reason the data waiting lines should be combined. I'm not sure if the microcontroller should be further expanded (besides issues of supply chain)
  4. @Wavicle I'm fullly convinced with the I2C route maybe we can add 2 legs to the microcontroller as keyb data\ mouse data available: to calculate the legs needed we should add (correct me if i'm wrong) 3 legs for the power supply control 2 for keyboard ps\2 2for mouse ps\2 2 for I2C comunication 2 for optional keyb data / mouse data waiting 1 for power status led I remember that the micro used is the attiny 861 : it has 16 pins GPIO with a total consumed of 12 : if 12 pins are all we need then the attiny 84 would be enough
  5. I didn't want to belittle Wavicle's work. I just expected instead that someone in the core team to say: "I2C works fine and it becomes our official choice" or: "we're sorry but the bus integrated mcu is almost ready and uses this glue logic .....". In the IO map VIA 1 used 4 pins to bit bang mouse & keyboard now they are free and 2 can be used to signal keyboard data or mouse data waiting respectively. another question: VIAs have a hardware shift register, is it used or usable anywhere?
  6. as quoted from the ides of march status post now we have 2 competing standards: PS2 ->Attiny-> I2C-> 6522->main bus-> CPU PS2-> larger micro->main bus->CPU which direction should we take and how we decide it?
  7. could the extra ram chips be moved to an expansion board?
  8. If had been Commodore Ceo I would have stick to the plan that the 264 machine should have been a very budget home computer. So would have produced only a C48 :a machine that matched the ram amount of the spectrum this simplified computer will be paired with the 1551. At the same time we should have developed a way to improve the c64 so that it can have a longer lifespan. The ideal device is the 256 kb reu : bundled with a game specifically designed to use it: once a very large audience is reached a snowball effect will knock in making the reu a must have addon. At this point we have extended the 8 bit era a couple of years but i woul deem the pc clone unstoppable so, after licensing the amiga back to atari, i will merge the company with tandy and i will try to keep the tandy 1000 graphics and sound ahead of the market.
  9. All of you have done a great job!. a point remains open : Does it work also with the mouse?
  10. Should we consider some cost reduction measures? Maybe the phase 2 which uses cpld and SMT components is the best choice to tackle the chip shortage. with better times the reference system can be actually produced
  11. i have read your work : it's impressive but i have a doubt:what's the use of "fabs" lookup table ? given that it can be calculated as eor FF inc A
  12. I wonder why none offers an unmultiplexed 65816: it shouldn't be so difficult and it would become a much more interesting alternative for hobbyists.
  13. If 12 Volt is important You can always have a barrel connector taking current from a 12 v transformer with a small voltage regulator for the 5V lines.
  14. I'm sorry for the late reply but I'm curious where the 6,25 MHz frequency comes from.
  15. the commander X16 is not affected by "bad" scanlines of memory. so we can use the 20 microsecond timing
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