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  1. The actual Linux kernel? I think if you stripped it down to the core, sure you can probably fit the basic task scheduler and core API in the 2MB memory space of an X16. Whether or not it would be able to do anything useful is anyone's guess. And at 8MHz it would run like a pitch drop experiment. There are other multitasking systems that are more suitable for the speed and the memory space available. Lunix, GeckOS, Contiki, picoOS...
  2. Sorry, oops. I seem to recall having read somewhere that the XP release was originally supposed to have been based on the Longhorn project and got scaled back to being a bunch of interface changes to Windows 2000, thus XP was 5.1 to W2K's 5.0. But my recollection is probably quite muddled at this point, 21 years or so down the road.
  3. Make sure that you are using the correct version of the emulator for the program. I seem to recall there being a thread elsewhere on this site about which version it was written for — subsequent versions have changes to the ROM and changes to the hardware addressing that break the game.
  4. If something goes wrong inside the subroutine, you might not want the program execution flow to return to the calling GOSUB (or, more specifically, to the statement following it). You might want to do some error-handling, such as outputting an error message.
  5. The functional changes are always being tweaked. It's why we're on ROM version 41. As far as comments go, Michael probably started with copious comments but he's been over it so much by now he could probably recite any given KERNAL or BASIC function's code from memory.
  6. Yeah, I know why. Something got jumbled up somewhere. The order of registers for making a SYS call is A, X, Y, SR for $30C through $30F; Tom's original post has them all rotated.
  7. I'm a bit familiar with the PLOT function. I may have mentioned it here on this forum once or twice... But the keyboard stuff is quite interesting. I've seen it done many times; rarely have I seen an explanation.
  8. Is the Atari one... trying to play "Rhythm is a Dancer" by 'SNAP!'?
  9. I vote for start-of-file just because there's less setup calculation involved.
  10. Maybe someone could write an APL interpreter and/or compiler, and thus of course an APL keyboard would be a necessity—not to mention that the APL character set would also have to be supported...
  11. I've included the tokenized BASIC program. There's something odd about it. If you load this, list it to make sure it's okay, then run it, then list it again, you should find new lines added to the program. In fact, I've loaded the program, and just made some edits to it (like changing the color specified by D to something like D+127 or whatever) and not even run it, and listed it and gotten new lines added. If I type it in manually, it works fine. Something about the loading process is wreaking havoc. Here's the source: 10 SCREEN 128 40 X(1)=159:Y(1)=0 50 X(2)=0:Y(2)=199 60 X(3)=319:Y(3)=199 70 X=X(1):Y=Y(1) 80 D=RND(1)*3+1 90 X=X/2+X(D)/2 100 Y=Y/2+Y(D)/2 110 PSET X,Y,D+2 120 GOTO 80 SIERPINSKI.PRG
  12. Usually they have alternative services available for international viewing. Keep checking. When Discovery was on CBS All Access at first, this service was also unavailable in other countries than the US. But the show was made available on Netflix in those places.
  13. It seems as though something is trashing BASIC pointers. I loaded a program and ran it and then listed it, and there were new lines in the program with seemingly random content. The program doesn't try to hit hardware, and uses the BASIC routines exclusively. I have a dump file... dump.bin
  14. Well, I guess I should have read the docs more thoroughly.
  15. The RTC is working but the TI$ and DA$ hooks into the RTC are still a work in progress, eh? I obsess a little bit about timekeeping because the most significant application I ever wrote was an alarm clock for my C64.
  16. The emulator is the one thing that gets massive amounts of downloads. It's also rather large. Bandwidth on the server side can be expensive. Github has a lot more capacity than ordinary web hosting services.
  17. I'd like to hear that there are enough parts available for there to be any such physical shipping.
  18. Can't take anything for granted... SCREEN 0:COLOR 1,0:CLS
  19. Hey now. I hope you mean hobbyist. Oh, and regarding communications links, there's always RS-485... Whatever's better than current loop.
  20. Does anyone do the retro thing with a modern PC, getting it to run a version of DOS and an old BASIC programming environment, sort of like an even faster Maximite? Or even just DOSBOX with its settings as maxed out as you can make work smoothly? I did the DOSBOX thing myself with an old VBDOS program I wrote to pulse a character cell in the center of the screen through the various colors available in a standard BIOS-style text screen. I didn't change the delay loop, which was set for the old 25MHz 486 that I'd originally written it on, and it was like a high-speed strobe light, instead of the slow pulse of the original.
  21. For the self-contained one, sure. The one with expansion slots will need more. Assuming there will be a version with expansion slots. Poll or no poll, we're still at the mercy of the supply chain, and in the end it's David's decision what to build.
  22. I didn't realize that there was a Z80 version of BBC BASIC. But I see it's been around since at least 2009 if not before.
  23. Oh, and just by changing the zeroes in the BASIC source to points, I got it down to 10714.9333 seconds. It's under 3 hours of emulated time now, yay!
  24. Since this is in text mode, and therefore considerably lower resolution, it runs much faster in BASIC than the original, which was at 320×200. It's probably even faster than the compiled version. Eagle eyes among you will catch that the lower-right text cell is blue; that's because I just used PRINT statements and so I left that cell unfilled to prevent screen scrolling. I probably could have accomplished this using the KERNAL PLOT routine (which I've advocated and demonstrated repeatedly here and on the Facebook group). But now that we have a LOCATE keyword in BASIC, I thought I'd try it.
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