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  1. I totally agree! For either X8 or X16 to thrive, they need to be largely accessible. Just a glimpse at the "Introductions" thread shows that there is global interest, with many people also signing up from Europe and Australia. Importing heavy and bulky hardware from the US to the EU can easily double to almost tripple the initial cost, as we pay import taxes on the total price including taxes and shipping (which is currently going through the roof worldwide). So getting a phase 1 X16 in a case, with a heavy power supply, manuals and etc would sadly not have been accessible or made sense for many people outside of the US. The X16 DIY kit will bring many more people on board and make it way more affordable. The X8 now brings a whole new perspective to the project. A light, cheap board, mostly accessible for anyone, anywhere in the world. This will lead to a larger user base, more software and games etc. Those who want to, can later on port their projects to the X16. The fact that many here are worried that the X8 is "too good" compared to its big brother is actually reason enough to release it, and a testimony in disguise to its potential. Most users who want to tinker with a phase 1 X16 are likely to get one regardless, when it's released.
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