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  1. I built plenty of kits for ham radio stuff when I was younger. I don't have my younger eyes, now. I suspect I am far from alone, and I am in the age range that grew up loving 8 bit computers and is drooling for an actual new one. While I know i COULD build an X16 from kit, it would not be fun, and I have no interest in doing so. But if it is only released as a kit would there be something preventing third party assemblers from selling "Turn key" units? That's how I obtained my Color Maximite 2. Seems like there is enough of a market for that computer to have at least 4 assemblers in the US, NZ, UK and Poland.
  2. I am coming late to this, from the facebook group, but I wanted to say for whatever its worth, the X8 sounds exactly like what I was hoping for when this project first began. I think if the price point is low enough, this really would be useful for teaching as well. If it sells in numbers you can get a much broader base of people wanting to develop for it. Someone mentioned slowing it down so that it would not be faster than the X16. That strikes me as a terrible idea that's been tried before.
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