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  1. Man sorry you're running into these issues. I must say that I would prefer a Phase 1 kit myself. Been keeping an eye on this place for when the development model release. I have a rc2014 I've been building and honestly wouldn't mind taking my time and building the X16 the same way. I can't recall if you initially planned this so excuse me if my memory has gotten a bit fuzzy. But a DIY kit with a board that fits the ATX standoffs and cases would be an easy fix for the case issue. I know there's some classic cases people can get, repoduction cases, and even new cases that could fit the style of the X16. Also if I may suggest another thing. Please release the manuals ether as an option with the kit or a standalone if at all possible. Heck maybe see if some designers would be willing to do mock boxes that people can purchase. I know that seems to be a new thing now as well. Repoduction boxes that is. I don't know if this is at all helpful. But there's my two cents on the matter. I wish you the best f luck Hedgie
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