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  1. Stefany's productivity is really impressive. She recently got directed to the VERA git repo, too.
  2. I'm still really enjoying this series. He's made it to extended RAM, and I think peripherals are coming soon.
  3. I never knew about the forum. The discord was the only place where I knew of any discussions.
  4. Pretty much any second processor you wanted, if it was on a board designed to comply with the Tube interface.
  5. True. I'm also not in the know whether those issues are settled, so I went with the one that we definitely know is NOT settled yet. Lot of slowly moving parts, though.
  6. You could find this topic debated hotly in that closed thread. Here were the reasons to not do crowdfunding as I recall: 1. The primary issue right now appears to be logistics, not money. Taking people's money wouldn't speed that up. Nor will increasing the the visibility of it through advertising. 2. Crowdfunding creates an obligation (at the very least, in David's view) to reach specific targets, and right now there is too much uncertainty to make any promises about the final product. The case they designed not free to the public. You are free to design your own, of course, and 3D print that for personal use.
  7. I appreciate the work you’re putting into it, especially the contributions to the software side of it. Not to mention watching the progress!
  8. As to the illegal opcodes, no it does not (http://www.e-basteln.de/computing/65f02/65f02/ under "Supported Host Systems"):
  9. The attached docker file worked for me. I've never built the ROMs before, so the best thing I can say is that "it doesn't throw any errors", but maybe it's a head start for anyone not running Linux. Or who just don't want to install a bunch of stuff. 1. Clone repo 2. Add Dockerfile 3. Run docker build . I didn't map volumes, so the step of getting the output from the container is left to the next guy EDIT: Typos Dockerfile
  10. Would be nice if someone already created a docker container (or published a dockerfile) with the stuff you need. That’s usually my go-to solution for compilation that needs a specific platform.
  11. "All of your witty quotes are now mine" - Mark Twain, if he were alive today
  12. "He wrapped himself in quotations- as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors." -- Rudyard Kipling
  13. I can solder through-hole, no problem, but my hands aren't real steady so surface mount would be a challenge. I'll give it a go with X16, though.
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