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  1. what would it take to wire up one of these diskonchip roms? http://www.jkmicro.com/DiskOnChip.html
  2. In reference to the speed limitations of the early sound chip selections, yeah I had wondered why employing another 65xx chip to run the older slower legacy components was off the table for that... running the board asynchronous might have been an elegant solution for that.
  3. is there any technical reason why a PS2 controller expansion card would not be feasible?
  4. the more I think about it, I'm OK with it using a proprietary bus pinout with a connector compatible with the vintage Apple II, at least we can use the proto boards available for it!
  5. -N2

    ISA support

    ah good to know thank you!
  6. Hi @Kevin Williams I see the awesome project is moving along nicely. I have a feature request for a memory mapped 16 bit ISA slot on the ATX board version(or perhaps a single board computer w/ISA between your ITX and raspberry pi board formats), it would seem most useful as your already placing the motherboard in a PC case. I would like it for sound cards, but I think there may be a few other PC cards of use too. of notable mention for your onboard sound chips, Silicon labs makes a very nice series of PLL clock generator chips in the Si5351 series. they offer 3 to 8 individually configurable outputs between 3KHz to 290Mhz. I mention it as it could be useful if you need to slow the machine down for compatibly reasons with fussy hardware.
  7. it's almost as if it was daring you to plug the cards in backwards.
  8. 1) I'd like to see a C.2 rev where the entire system is put on a 16 bit ISA card, for use in a passive backplain. 2) for clock generation, have a look at the Silicon Labs Si5351 series of chips, they are I2C controlled PLL chips that output 3 to 8 independently configurable outputs between 3Khz to 290Mhz.
  9. I'm trying to determine how those 50 pin connectors are wired up, are they the standard Apple IIe pinout?
  10. I'd really like to see a memory mapped 16 bit ISA slot on that board for support of Vintage sound cards!
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