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  1. yeah. thats what i've decided to do. because its pretty dumb from a budget standpoint to buy something like that for such a high price.
  2. thats why im also considering a mini. but i dont wanna deal with a USB hub or all of that junk. FAT32? how can i tell?
  3. i've been wanting a C64 and i feel like the C64 maxi is my ticket, bit theres some things that i would like to know before buying it. can you save BASIC programs to a flash drive on it? are a majority of the pre-loaded games fun/good? should i just get the mini instead? (i dont wanna get an extra USB keyboard. thats why im considering the maxi.)
  4. well, i wrote one. but it only prints decimals. heres the code. im trying to make one that generates either a 1 or a 2. 1 cls 2 print RND(2) 3 input z 4 goto 1
    really cool! the gameplay is a nice mix between sneaking around and action. although i wish the controls were a little less obvious because a few days after i played it for the first time, i wanted to play it again. but when i did, i couldnt remember any of the controls. and had to look at the manual again. but its pretty minor. i'd really reccomend this to people.
  5. so im pretty new to text based programming languages. with only one i am fluent with. (BATCH) i have coded some simple things before in BASIC and the X16 caught my eye because im really interested in C64 things. even though i dont have one of my own. so, jumping straight in, certain things i found that worked on the C64 dont work in the X16. and some things that im not even sure are possible even on a C64. so, as the title says, i have some simple questions. how can i make a random number generator capable of outputting 2 different 1 digit numbers? how does one program in assembly? no, im not asking to learn assembly. im asking how i actually start writing assembly code.
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