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  1. Glad to hear it is full speed ahead. Luckily the project I'm working on has no supply shortages except PCB companies who will make a PCB from an image file. The Z80 CPU, latches, and generic memory chips and counters are pretty much the only things used. If there was a PCB company who'd come to the party, we could prototype the SVGA output from this wizardry. The X16 is as good for games, but when the coming zombie apocalypse disrupts supply chains, look out ! Real chips like the Z80 will be the only thing to power the 150 foot high Mobile suit Gundams required to repel the raging hordes, if my calculations prove correct.
  2. +1 ! we need more goofy lore. (off to print that on T-shirts)
  3. Tony Kuphaldt has written some brilliant Electronics textbooks. Lessons In Electric Circuits there are link there to other free projects too.
  4. If you can post sufficiently hi resolution photos of both sides I'll tell you how to connect up a power supply. Worst thing that can happen is you'll be barbecued in a massive electrical fire, so may as well give it a go. No, seriously, post up some pictures. What is the part number, it may have obvious ques to the type. For example, you'd pick a name like TR-1201 for a 12volt AC 1 amp transformer, so when customers refer to it, you are prompted to know what it is.
  5. ------------------------------------------------------- | ...And god asked the stones: | | "Do you want to become hardware designers ?" | | "No, we are not hard enough.", | | the stones replied. | | | | So god, in his infinite wisdom, | | created something more stubborn than a piece of rock: | | the German electronics nerd. | | | | But even the hardest stone may crumble... | ------------------------------------------------------- Dieter set aside a good hour to look at his retro computer hardware design awesomeness
  6. BGA to DIP adapters are available, but expensive. ( geared towards programming, so they are for repetitive use )
  7. Decoding the datasheets (they don't make datasheets like they used to) it has a 132 Ball pins on the IC. The pitch of (spacing between) the pins is half a millimeter. Regular DIP chips that people love to solder are spaced 2.54 mm apart. Thing is, it's a square array, so the next row is half a millimeter away. There are solutions, but they are fiddly enough to stop 98 % people doing anything with it. but not all bad news, there are big gaps in the ICE variant, so a designer could hack this at home, but it's beyond most hobbyists.
  8. From the number of logic elements, it's about comparable roughly to an 80's cpu afaik, but it runs at a whopping GHz. It is difficult to solder at home onto a board which is difficult to make at home. The price however, WOW that's cheap as chips ! With prices like that I would think to look at FPGAs for other projects... You need RAM. nothing that size can do decent video. yes yes huh and yes. I agree with this. I personally think that having an onboard bus for ram is a good option, because once you have the hardware available to access one Sram or Rom in DIP, that's the end of memory entirely, you no longer need to budget for larger memory so long as there is the Address and data bus exposed so that people can add their own. The project that shall not be named takes such an approach, because people will measure by the base model with un-expanded memory knowing full well that adding memory is a job a cat can do. (so long as a dog makes a tutorial video). PLUS there is the added benefit that you can try before you buy, or at least not get in as deeply as purchasing a fully expanded version. It's the investment barrier. You have to invest in learning all about FPGA and verilog and dip your toes in the YIKES! and then learn the actual programming to write your software, so is a scary, although perfectly do-able, option. Plus, once you have made the investment you're giddy with new knowledge and spaced out with imagination thinking of all the possibilities of what you can do with that new found knowledge and exploring beyond the X(men) projects. there are some clever solutions, but many people won't try them at home, they'd figure it too fiddly.
  9. no no, not that one, that was the one I got side-tracked to. The one I was searching for has little 3D printed keys, and the keys I don't think they have internal springs at all, they have tiny magnets in them, so when you press a key on the 3D printed keyboard, two magnets disconnect from each other, giving the tactile feel you are after, then when it descends there is another magnet that repels the moving part after you have lifted your finger off. That returns the key to the original position. No it's not off topic really, the X8/16 will of course need a look and image, the keyboard is part of it, and with low volume 3D printing takes to the fore.
  10. and thank you. I always thought toilet paper was a symptom of covid in 5 eyes countries. The rest of the world can't be bought so easily they know they won't run out of water. (for bidets and such). You learn something new everyday. I'm reminded of someone who complains that they hate their work. They go on about how "all day long I have to put up with people complaining they're sick" and how much they just hate that. I'm like "well isn't it a good thing you applied for a job as a receptionist at a medical center. Free eBooks | Project Gutenberg www.gutenberg.org Project Gutenberg offers a vibrant and growing collection of the world's great literature. Read, enjoy, and share! No fee or registration! Everything from Project Gutenberg is gratis, libre, and completely without cost to readers.
  11. More blender short films, SPRING, NextGen, Coffee run, Circle, Alike. Seems like someone is wanting names of short film projects that will get lost in a search engine.
  12. Free audiobook project for podcasts to listen to in the car can be found on libravox if you type the title into the browser carefully and correctly, otherwise Amazon jacks your browser and divertes you to a data and personal information credit card number collecting page with just two audiobooks as the cheese in the trap. Libravox looks like a forum like this website, the bait site looks like a give me all Ur stuffz site. Take care. On the actual site, there are nice audiobooks and here is a sample that I think is nice enough, but the quality varies quite a bit on there. Here is a link if you like that reader's voice and want more. This is the front door. This is the hijack site. Careful how you type. I've seen and read how many of the readers who volunteer and read the books on the real site are disappointed to find their work out on sale by amazon. Technically it is legal however, it disappoints many.
  13. Cosmos Laundromat is a very nice short movie. Also you should download Caminandes, which is totally cool and free, and Glass Half is awesome too. I look forward to seeing The Daily Dweebs and hero, I have seen agent 327 which is nice but short. These are nice example clips to pop into video folders that would otherwise be empty on distributions of operating systems. HAK5 is an ongoing weekly? show on the internet covering everything hacking and techno, it's been in business for decades, you can download, copy, distribute as you please for free.
  14. Free as in free to own and use as you like, not free as in you are the product ( facebook, youtube, etc ) Software : Linux operating system, everything you learn about it can always be useful even decades later because nobody can kill all of linux no matter how they try. In the sequel to the movie Tron, the son finds dads decade(s?) old linux machine which is strangely still powered up with dad trapped inside. He types linux commands into the old machine to get some info. I opened a terminal on my machine and copied each command from the screen, to my delight, they all worked, so over the decades, some things never change, and some things do change. Software Blender and GIMP : excellent programs to take the time to learn how to use. Free video to download, copy, distribute as you see fit, it's perfectly legal to do so : Short short movies from helpers who have learnt blender, Sintel, Elephants Dream, Buck Bunny, tears of steel not listed are examples of blender projects where you can download the actual files used in the short movies and play with the animations yourself. Have them act as you would like, or remake or expand on the movie as you tinker and learn on blender.Or you could take up smoking as a way to use up your free time, it's up to you. Some are other kinds of projects. Sintel, short story of a girl called Sintel who is searching for her dragon friend Scales. Three people searching a utopian society in northern Finland Valkaama; Route 66 -an American Dream is about Three Germans who try to explore the USA. Sita sings the blues is an 80 minute film based on the Indian Sanskrit epic The Ramayana. Massive movie created by a single person. Big Buck Bunny is about three critters that get their comeuppance. nice film, download it. Elephants Dream is a 10 minutes short movie analogues of the modern world, the generation gap, society... re_potemkin is a re-build of 1925 silent movie Battleship Potemkin which is public domain now. Produced by 100 Uni students. La chute dune plume is a French-speaking stop motion movie. A 20-minutes documentary about TINA festival in Australia. Filmed in 2002, This is one of the oldest open source documentaries that I could find. Boy who never slept about a writer Jathias Wager , the first Sci-Fi open source movie. “Stray Cinema is an open source film. It is an experiment that combines filmmaking with online information sharing.”
  15. I know where you're at there. Here is a good tip. All those little black power supplies that plug into the wall, keep a supply of white stickers in the house. When you do get the glasses and good light to see what is written on the power supply, Volts and Amps, scratch that information into the side of it in large writing and then add a sticker ( which may or may not fall off later ) with the same information in large writing. Not my intention I promise, however I am NO believer in the mind poison called self-esteem, it turns would be people into mindless trolls with no intention to improve themselves. I worry about the X projects. It is not good enough to think that a community IS the feature and will become a self-fulfilling selling point. also works if you buy something secondhand and clean it pricey though. I got a temperature controlled one recently, Oh luxury ! gas ones are good but don't last too long and some models are so have to choose carefully. I think I'd be in the market for trailer bumper stickers which read " WARNING - I WELDED IT MYSELF " . I know where you're at and I don't mind at all saying what I am not good at, I find pleasing ways to do it too. How about the question "If I wanted it and couldn't solder it, I'd buy it off someone who could if it was interesting. "
  16. Would be nice to get an idea about who may like to see an electronics kit, like a computer kit, they used to have these, and still they are around... but how many X16 enthusiasts can actually solder a kit together... ? or would want to..
  17. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci
  18. It's older than that, however as Toyohiro Akiyama is a very japanese name you wont find him given credit in the USA by their historians I expect. Lol, yes, tourism had to take a back seat for ages simply because the USA went backwards and could not get into space anymore. They had to buy up all the tourist seats they could and as always the Russians were nice to them. The end of the ISS may see a similar thing happen with Americans having a presence in space, to make it clear, the ISS is a Russian space station first and foremost, all other nationalities with modules there, and there are a few, have modules that cannot fly by themselves and rely on the Russian space station to hold them in orbit. Vomit comets can't reach space and I don't see where else to draw the line except orbit. You can take blue origin and call it space and you can take an elevator and call it space, the principle is exactly the same it varies only in amounts. People who cannot get into orbit redefine space as it pleases them and then have to work out embarrassing consequences of their silly definitions and if you're selling something of course you'll call it whatever sells. Don't call it turbulence that makes you vomit, I know, lets call it space and be sure to just clean up any talk of vomit in the marketing department, then we can charge a fortune. So the Japanese man is considered by some not to be a tourist, and today Shatner is considered one, tomorrow I'll life off my seat because of a whopping great f*rt and then I'll be an astronaut and rewrite history like NASA just did, so who cares. Hey, to be sensible, Orbit is leaving earth and not orbit is not orbit.
  19. oh g** that's not going into space, that's a vomit comet or a fast elevator. I thought some people had gone into orbit recently on a tourist trip, must have gotten confused with that one, which I didn't take the time to look up. I think it was denis tito or some japanese reporter who was the first tourist to space long ago. Long long ago. It's been done. Properly. To orbit. No, kick me in the pants hard enough so I lift off the ground and I'll be happy to redefine space as half the height I lifted off to, so long as you promise not to do it again cause that hurt. I mean it, that hurt. Now don't get me started on amusement rides in amusement parks. I am now old enough to see why people like big slow, really slow, I mean tectonically slow, amusement rides.
  20. This is the reality I experienced. Also, don't forget the A600, I had a few of those too. I had them all except the 3000 I think. or maybe I had the 3000 but not the 4000, I'd have to go look at it but do not want to, I spent too much time in recent years meditating playing settlers on the 3/4 '000 whichever it is. It has either a regular monitor or an adapter for vga because it's a modern monitor and there is an optical usb mouse adapter. Amiga mice suck. I had and still have 500s laying around but I can't sell anything, logistically it's a nightmare and so on. I'd like to, but it's difficult. Favorite was always the A1200, managed to score one when it was still in the shops. With a lovely big HD in it, and some expansion, ram perhaps it was. Still young enough to be starry eyed about such things and it was a huge deal for me. My work had paid off. I loved the Amiga. I don't see the mini being a patch on the original A500 because it misses the point. The mini 500 is an emulator and an emulator misses the point. You can't find and experience the bleeding edge breakthrough design no compromises rebellion against the contemporaries in an emulation any more than you can learn to surf by reading books and watching videos.The A500 mini may be a surfing poster, but you will never get the sand and salt of the real thing in the past from it. If you want to give people the same feeling then you would have to define it first, understand it and then set about it. Make the bleeding edge. Anyhow, they'll sell plenty enough. Not as many as the original though.
  21. I did have a point, I started off with one 15 minutes ago, or more. You see I saw a video about keyboards, actually I saw a channel about keyboards a few days ago, but I can't find the videos, or the history breadcrumb trail, or anything really. Then searching for it I found too much else. The video, I don't know which video it was or from where it came showed not just 3D printed keys from a 3D printed keyboard but it had keys 3D printed which had 3 small magnets in each key to give the tactile feedback function, which was adjustable. In fact there were small demo keypads you could print out with about 16 to 20 keys which had the travel in mm printed on each one, and another with the force required on each one so you could choose the best keyboard to print to suit yourself best. I cannot find any trace of this keyboard video, or the keyboard in question or anything. I do not know where it is, however I know some interesting places which can be ruled out. There is clackeys, who has nice keyboards but not a good website, it looks like he sells one thing but he sells many on hard to find pages. anyhow his site I found somewhere else described his site better and that site also has that awesome vending machine I'd rather see in waiting rooms and transport hubs because what is better for your health really, a soda full of chemicals or this vending machine because in the end you are only contributing to your bad health because of boredom, so isn't this one better ? So you see I had a point which I can't find just yet and maybe someone knows the 3d printed keys with magnets in them project, and has a link ? it's hard to find, the site I came across stopped me for a while, I was accosted by these singing pumpkins from the matrix which is exactly the sort of thing the project I am working on can do with the massive input output capabilities which unfortunately is not the topic of keypads. So you see I'm having a problem finding my on-topic point right now. I have a point, its on topic, but I got jacked on the way to finding it and I saw it just a few days ago. hmph. I was thinking some kind of permanent marker, after you draw on all the keys you want, you still have the useful pen for other tasks. savings. HA ! AHHHH !!! on topic, phew, I'm back on topic. I'm relieved. very relieved. but I do want to watch those singing pumpkins again. I need to.
  22. "To down that much alcohol, every person on earth would have to drink 300,000 pints each day—for one billion years." I'm not sure that much alcohol is good for you, but I'm sure someone, somewhere is willing to try. I wonder what Shatners crew had in the way of food. In space, your taste does not work very well, Cosmonauts love onions on the ISS and fresh food, anything fresh. They love it when the robot ships arrive with fresh food and mail. There was a deal done on a political level way back which saw a free trip to space for a malaysian, and you'd be like, what would they want in space, and his primary scientific task I believe was outlined as testing out Malay foods in zero-g. Not to be outdone by the later shuttle crews who spent so much time phoning home to boast they didn't get much work done at all.
  23. Space is a frontier of resources on an astronomical scale, harvesting from asteroids is easy and landings, samples, preliminary steps towards that have been taken already. China just launched their second crew to their third space station yesterday. Russia is on it's twelfth station or thereabouts, I've forgotten exactly, and China has real ambitions to harvest resources on a Chinese-industrial scale. Shat-news as you call it 8-) is fun, but I'd like to see travel to space on a mass tourist scale and living permanently in space in rebel colonies for real, and real soon too, before I die. Not sure if that will happen, but if it does, I guess it may have to do with Russia and China allowing and assisting civilians to do so, much as the USA has done with Elon and so on. I wouldn't go into space as Shatner did, on any American rocket, their safety record is lack-luster. Whereas the last time a manned Russian rocket failed the cosmonauts were like "well, now we have to go back to Moscow and await the next rocket' and so they did. I prefer their tech, and would take comfort knowing that when things go wrong, it's Russian tech and I'll probably be alright. I wouldn't go for a joyride, I'd like to settle there.
  24. A few out of the general public need to step up to the plate and go into space themselves, just as colonization starts off with government funded expeditions, like sending the Columbus to the new world, it then becomes less the domain of the government funded expeditions and becomes a civilian matter with civilian settlers. Depending on the horrible decent into totalitarian states taking place around the world, the economic collapse to come, and other factors, people may well settle space just as the Russians have settled into LEO during my lifetime. The carbon footprint of space travel is just a 'blame the peasant' form of carbon washing diversion, it is to take the attention off the real causes of most of the destruction, like forest clearing for hamburgers, burning coal and oil, that sort of thing, where rich people pay to have attention turned to small things, when you're burning the whole planet to death you can pay a pittance to have some poor teenagers blame themselves for finding it impractical to stumble around in the dark for an hour a year, a task that will never have a bearing on climate change. Ever. Just working out the number of rockets, the actual releases on a global annual scale, and there is nothing significant about the important task of launching rockets, in comparison to say coal or oil or deforestation. It's just blame the peasant.
  25. I thought that real amigas are still available on the secondhand market, they are not rare afaik. I spent too much time out of my life playing settlers 2 on amiga. I did some programming on it as well. I love amiga, I think the 1200 was the best computer ever made bar none.
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