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  1. Hello Community, I am a father of 4 from Indiana, USA and work as a Database Architect (MsSQL) for a pharmaceutical consultancy. I like to say I was born with the knowledge of every secret coin or trick associated with Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros III (NES), but the honest truth is that I have watched my Dad play these games as a kid and just loved to watch and imitate him. Unfortunately, a more computer like 8-bit experience like Commodore 64 predates me. However, I have just loved working in the emulator and even started modding my own C64DTV. I watched the 8 bit guy mod the hummer DTV and was finally introduced to your community of enthusiasts (Did he ever finish the space shuttle shed?). I have a wide array of programming experience and hope to offer my services to your community, so let me know where I can make the biggest difference. Until then I am going to start making some games and testing out the performance restrictions of the emulated product. I will make my findings public to those who would find it interesting. As a Millennial, let me just provide one piece of feedback about the commodore. The keyboard layout is just terrible after being taught from childhood the new standard. The key that messes me up the most is the double quote. Why is it shift + 2... ugh. Sincerely, Michael Stephens "The 8-bit Millennial"
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