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  1. Its great to see Adrian contribute. I'm sure the entire team appreciates him. The excitement is building
  2. This is SO super awesome! I love Adrian's work. I'm glad he was able to contribute. I can't wait to spend my money
  3. 10.12 I probably need to upgrade it. It just scares me. I'm bumping up against my SSD (128G) being full. I'm worried the new OS will kill it. Scott
  4. But I find its odd r37 runs fine. i was hoping someone could offer insight into what changed between revisions. All I did was download the link and unzip it. I don't remember doing any more on the x37 version. I just verified again the r37 release works fine.
  5. I tried r38 on my Mac and it doesn't go. R37 works fine but when I try r38, I get this. Any ideas?
  6. This may be the wrong place but Perifractic and the rest of the team will see it. I just watched David's Mini Pet video. Awesome as usual. He expressed concerns about people assembling a kit and it not working. I'm all in favor of selling the kits expressly WITHOUT a warranty. The person buying one should be capable of basic troubleshooting, just like David did. Maybe offer a warranty on the board BEFORE it gets soldered. Clearly if someone gets one with a scratch across a trace or merged traces, it could get replaced. That would just require an instruction to thoroughly inspect your board before starting assembly. Once assembly starts, its all theirs! I get wanting it to be a complete computer but I also get that just drives the price, and development time. Like many. I'll buy one no matter what. But there is a certain satisfaction assembling the whole thing and then using it. Heathkit stuff was great! Another consideration, which I'm sure you did, would be to release the boards and a parts list so some 'Beta' work could be done. Just like that Mini Pet kit. Having a few dozen users build and bench test them breadboard style could yield some interesting stuff. Either way, I can't wait to see one sitting on my desk I Scott
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