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  1. I'm new to the boards, but I'll throw my 2cents in. Like others, I'm looking for something modern but as close to a system with discrete parts. The X16 is a different beast than what the Mega65 people are doing. I fully appreciate the work involved in getting this thing made and shipped to people. It makes you appreciate the complexity of manufacturing a complex electronic device. Commodore made millions of C64s and had to juggle many of the same issues (though many different today) with the logistics and labor of a system that is not an SBC with an FPGA doing most of the work. You can't expect to make a fully created and mass-manufactured discrete computer without..well..what a company has which is offices, warehouses, employees. I'm not saying it's impossible to do it with a team of distributed people who are dedicated, it's just going to be HARD. I like the Mega65, but the reasons I'd want that system are TOTALLY different for the reasons I'd like the X16. The X16 is what I want so I can learn and tinker. I'm not a great soldering person, but I'm learning and I'd be game to buy a kit system and give it a go. I'd need people to help me in a crunch if I'm stuck. Hopefully, the forums and maybe a discord channel could help with that? Maybe there could be a youtube training video where somebody goes through the whole process of making one?
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