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  1. I could talk at length about what I'd like to see in the final sound design and am quite excited about all the possible options! Folks have quite the diverse opinions there! But the question is not so much about that and more about what can be reasonably assumed as being in the final hardware at this point so I know what is reasonably safe to start using. It sounds like the consensus is the YM2151 is a safe bet, given it is in the emulator and programs have already been written that use it; and given there is a tracker solution, albeit not a native one, to use it. It would be nice to see it clarified in the FAQ though since, as it reads, it does imply the sound design is a lot more up in the air than that.
  2. Right on, those are my thoughts as well, but nice to see others thinking the same, thanks folks!
  3. Indeed I'm excited about the 1099 myself, but the bigger concern was the YM2151. The FAQ implies this is all still subject to change but it's hard to tell what that means in practice. I would gather, given the current board revision, that the 2151 is likely to be included but might be good to know the level of confidence from the team as an ideal. It'd be a bummer to spend a lot of time and energy on music that would have to be largely thrown out if it ends up that we don't see the 2151 in the final product as an example.
  4. I've been sort of assuming the YM2151 is, at this point, pretty much good to go, but I noticed the current version of the FAQ mentions the final audio implementation is still up in air a bit: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?%2Fabout-faq%2F&fbclid=IwAR1H3E-dVgZjKkK-EY8Ooiw4U9afgBrkWTYwaGbb_CArr4WY7ezX0s8xMho Is it to soon to get some clarity here? Asking because I'm one of the composers for the FF-style RPG being worked on and the approach there has been to use the 2151 for the music, and the other options, whatever they may be, for the SFX. As a musician this isn't as ideal since I'd like to mess with the SAA1099 for sure But from a practical standpoint makes sense since we have readymade tools (Deflemask namely) we can use to compose music for the X16. It's not perhaps the most ideal but is the "best" option for now given it exists and there isn't (yet anyway!) a tracker solution on the X16. All said, if there might be a chance the 2151 might NOT be used, that would have implications for the RPG. Obviously the X16 is still being engineered but the wording of the FAQ spooked a bit in this regard and thought I would ask. I guess, in short, can we assume at this point that it is likely (though I understand not certain until the hardware is fully complete), that the YM2151 will be one of the sound solutions used in the X16?
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