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  1. CMDR DOS can seek in files! It's documented in the README. There is one mistake: the Position command works in Read mode, as well as Modify mode.
  2. That Pagetable reference is wrong. LOAD and SAVE ignore logical file numbers -- just use zero there.
  3. Prog8 should insulate us from the very low-level, nitty-gritty details like that. We shouldn't care how the word is built; we should write the arguments in the order that we use when we think about 16-bit numbers. The same is true when we make 24-bit values. It will avoid a source of mistakes when we write programs.
  4. That idea can't work. The data at $A017 looks like an array of ROM addresses. They probably point to key-code decoder tables. On the C64, that array is in ROM. But, on the X16, it's in RAM because it can change! We can choose different keyboard layouts (the F9 function key cycles through them). And, we can choose between PetSCII and ISO character encodings.
  5. @Massyn, if you forgot to change the accumulator in lda #$00 sta $9F20 eight times, then your code was poking into the same row in your tile!
  6. #include <peekpoke.h> ... asm ("jsr CLOCK_GET_DATE_TIME"); year = PEEK(0x02); month = PEEK(0x03); ... And so on.
  7. I assume that people are waiting for "the powers that be" to choose which RTC chip will be mounted in the X16.
  8. First off, I doubt that cc65 ever will implement the C99 rules about where variables can be defined. Second, it's the other way around. "Empty parameter lists" is the old-fashioned K & R style. "void parameter lists" is the modern, C Standard style. The current version of cc65 accepts both styles. Version 2.17 might not accept the old-fashioned style. The current cc65 compiles those examples -- in either style, with assignment or with initiation -- without any complaints.
  9. Those two controls are implemented on the Commodore 128. $07 makes a "ping"; $09 makes columns 8 characters wide.
  10. Why do you put a "clc" above the "jsr CX16.LOAD"?
  11. I looked at the makefile. Unfortunately, the ROM banks are built separately, nowadays. They can't know about each other's labels. Jump-tables in unchangable locations would need to be used to share subroutines, reliably, from other functional modules.
  12. How about "maybe two or three pixels" plus the radius of the cars. It isn't perfect (it assumes that they were centered on each other), but it's easy. Besides, would anyone notice a slight discrepancy (they are moving fast)?
  13. Every ".import name" must be matched by a ".export name". In this case, "monitor.s" should contain .export byte_to_hex_ascii
  14. Two questions: Are you using the host file-system or an SD card image? Does Kick Assembler's .text directive translate ASCII into PetSCII, or does it assemble that text as ASCII?
  15. I prefer the VIC-20's fonts. The C64 (fat) fonts were designed for televisions, not monitors. The VIC-20 gives us (thin) fonts that are better suited for VGA. They are the Pet fonts except for the backslash (a British pound sterling sign on the VIC-20).
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