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  1. ux16vt (Unicode Terminal for X16)

    ux16vt is a UTF-8 and somewhat ANSI compatible terminal emulator for
    Commander X16.
    Currently the only useable "serial" port uses LOAD & SAVE to communicate between
    the X16 emulator and a glue process that moves data in and out of a POSIX
    In the emulator LOAD "UX16VT.PRG" & RUN. On the host, compile and run
    ## Unicode Support
    ux16vt supports up to 4096 1-bit 8x16 pixel glyphs selected at compile time from
    the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane. Unknown characters are displayed as blank.
    Currently 672 of these glyphs are used covering 862 different code points. The
    following blocks are mapped:
    - Basic Latin (00-7f)
    - Latin-1 Supplement (80-ff)
    - Greek & Coptic (370-3ff)
    - Cyrillic (400-4ff)
    - Box Drawing (2500-257f)
    - Block Elements (2580-259f)
    - no support for right-to-left text
    - characters are represented internally as 16-bit values, making any characters
      outside the basic multilingual plane complete inaccessible
    - completely mono-spaced text. full-width glyphs are not available
    ## ANSI Support
    Only sequences beginning with ^[[ are supported (Control Sequence Introducer).
    Only numeric parameters are read. A control sequence with more than four
    parameters will cause an unchecked buffer overflow.
    The following functions are available:
        A   CUU Cursor Up
        B   CUD Cursor Down
        C   CUF Cursor Forward
        D   CUB Cursor Back
        E   CNL Cursor Next Line
        F   CPL Cursor Previous Line
        G   CHA Cursor Character Absolute [column]
        H   CUP Cursor Position
        J   ED  Erase in Display
        K   EL  Erase in Line
        S   SU  Scroll Up
        T   SD  Scroll Down
        d   VPA Vertical Position Absolute [row]
        f   HVP Horizontal Vertical Position
        m   SGR Select Graphics Rendition
    The only available modes for SGR are 31 to set foreground colour to red and
    30,32-39 set the foreground colour to black.


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  2. Pool Table Simulator

    Play a game of pool on your commander X16. Click inside the light green circle to hit the white ball around the table.


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