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  1. @ Tatwi ”Anyway, the low price point, compatibility with the X16, and a simple "plug and play" setup, when combined with being The 8 Bit Guy's computer, there is the potential that the userbase would grow from a small number of people with a specific interest into a large group of people who have all manner of interests and capacities.” I think it’s dangerous for the project to pursue price out the gate. The X16 community and dedication to building a new non compatible platform is what makes it special. If the pursuit was cost differentiation then the team would have reduced the X8/X18 FPGA to just be a “compatible” 6502 project like the MiSTer. Instead what we have seen is a dedication to the platform and it’s unique quirks. The development on the X16 emulator alone is one hell of a thing to take note of.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I like Chip & Dip because it’s easy for me to associate the FPGA variant vs the Physical (PRO) model.
  3. Bruce, with the different tiers “P,E,C” I honestly don’t know what’s what anymore. I dunno which X16 variant ties to the Chip & Dip but it’s pretty clear what the Chip & Dip is vs the FPGA.
  4. And that's the frustrating bit when i comes to deciphering what's next. We don't know if they decided to completely abandon the X8 but it seems like the end goal is the X16 FPGA. Regardless it seems clear that we can expect an FPGA solution before the chip & dip
  5. Exactly. You have to recognize genius when you see it. The VERA / X8 FPGA is an incredible work of art by @Frank van den Hoef. What an excellent gift to the community.
  6. I think its really cool that Frank used STM32F7 MCU in the design to act as a programmer for the ICE40UP5k FPGA. Really clever design. I used STM32F7 MCU's in my racing drones but it is still really cool seeing it used this way. Major Components from BOM: U1 FPGA: ICE40UP5K-SG48ITR50 U2 Flash - NOR Memory IC (16MB): W25Q16JVSNIQ U3 LDO Voltage Regulator (1.2A): LDL1117S33R U4 LDO Voltage Regulator (250mA) U5 Microcontroller: STM32F070C6Tx U6 Wireless Module (802.11 b/g/n): ESP32-SOLO-1 X1 Standard Clock Oscillators: SG-5032CAN Y1 SMD GLASS CRYSTAL: 7A-8.000MAAE-T
  7. Same. Whatever hardware they can get out the sooner the better.
  8. I even made a conceptual PCB Front for the X8 hoping it would be released. just to be clear, I did this in MSPAINT.
  9. I dunno if they have actually abandoned the X8 and dedicated fully to the X16 FPGA. Assuming you are referring to this screenshot from Facebook:
  10. Im not @Scott Robison but I think one perhaps unintended side effect of the X8 is the possibility that it can be programmed to run other 8bit/6502 Machines in FPGA alongside the VERA in FPGA for Video output. Granted that would probably require "erasing" the X8 ROM and assuming the ICE40UP5k could be programmed multiple times means that the X8 platform could be the basis for a truly inexpensive 8bit AIO FPGA machine.
  11. Updated Main post with David's other posts about the X8.
  12. Newark had the ICE40UP5k in stock a couple of days ago in their UK store. Now it looks like its backordered until February 2022: https://www.newark.com/lattice-semiconductor/ice40up5k-sg48i/fpga-ice40-ultraplus-39-i-o-qfn/dp/50AJ3298?st=ICE40UP5K-SG48I
  13. The PCB layout aesthetic reminds me of the PCB that is in my Ti-99/4A Power Supply. I liked that video you linked showing the old acid etching process. I remember seeing it on Hack A Day a few years ago. Looks like it would be well suited for what you are trying to do.
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