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  1. I understand, I was just thinking about the post they made and one of the concerns that they raised, I just had a thought and wanted to put the thought out there.
  2. I know this is complicated and I'm nowhere near the expertise, but out of all curiosity around what people think will happen with the x8 gets released (that all program development will focus on the lowest capable device), but is that not a concern with each phase of the base x16, Or is there such a leap in specs that I don't understand? Please know this is more of a topic of discussion, and maybe a way for me to learn more about the technical side of these computers while throwing a bone of a idea from my head.
  3. Georgia southern, Anthropology for archeology, but I also have a strong interest in computer technology.
  4. Hey everyone, I've been on the tail of the X16 for ever now, as a low budget college student I just missed the prime of retro computers, but still grew up with them as my house was kind of high tech and forward thinking. I finally decided to make an account and put the college student view into the project, and maybe one day learn how to code some amazing games for the x16 if I ever get enough practice in the code. Thanks everyone who has actually contributed to the product and its future.
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