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  1. Great to see some insightful input. Obviously the title was provocative for a reason so please excuse my forum skills as I'm out of practice. I work in R&D and NPD (New Product Development) - have done for 28 years mainly in the UK , India and Australia. I started my own company 7 years ago and consult to my previous clients but also to many everyday people just trying to realise an idea. I'm stating this only to give some context as I am not a software or hardware developer (had to look up what FPGA actually was). I am however a supporter of David's channel and this project. This kind of timeline is very common, even without supply chain hiccups. Again, all the best to the team and fingers crossed they get a break in the near future.
  2. Predominately my idea around the topic was to have an economical discussion around project vs. product and why they aren't necessarily aligned. If, for example, I'm wanting to build my dream whatever, I'm working largely without factoring costs like my time, parts, tools, etc. It's MY project. It has intrinsic value in that sense. Maybe some folks will be interested and I can share the process and I get a kick out of that too. Then someone says: "Hey, you could sell these"..... This brings me to the X16. There seems to be a disconnect between the project vision and what is realistically a saleable product that can give a return (or at least breakeven). This product format seemed to be promoted often by Veryfrantic (case, manual, keyboard, etc.) leading one to believe the result would be akin to unboxing a C64. Clearly, when measured agaist the limited amount of resources available, this cannot happen without additional funding, people and time. There has obviously been a heck of a lot of work done by everyone involved. It would be a shame for it not to be realised in any format by rigidly sticking to 'it must have thus or that'. Finally, the ideal X16's success would still depend upon David as its ambassador and the leverage of the subscriber base. Let's face it, I'm guessing most people landed here because of the YouTube channel and degrading that content because you were too dogmatic (and plain worn out), would not be something even the staunchest X16 supporter would advise.
  3. Follow David's channel regularly and like most I'm guessing, experienced the C64 era with a lot of joy. So I was excited to see the episodes on the 'Dream Computer' and the flow on project appealed to me for sure. But it seems like this thing would take a full time effort with significant funding to ever be realised. I've been involved with 'umteen' projects over many years that are great in concept but just never viable in reality. To clarify so as not to appear to be too negative: the ancillaries like the SNES adapter from Kevin or the VERA or various game related things that are already being developed seem to have 'legs'. Would it not be better to build an X16 system and package it like a SiDi (or whatever) so at least you would get a ROI on the effort and leverage the 8-Bit fanbase to sell games, etc. Otherwise just leave it as a kit as per the official post. Again, trying not to be too negative but sometimes the idea and the practicality just don't work out.
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