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  1. I can go out and buy one easily from Amazon, and I almost did just that last week. Not that big of a deal to get one. However, I got to thinking about Christmas 1985 when I got a C128, 1571 drive, 1902 monitor, and some dot matrix printer... and how I wanted to relive that long ago Christmas this year by unwrapping The C64 Maxi with much elation. In order to get that Commodore in 1985 I had to plot, plan, connive, scheme (basically lie to my parents about how it would help with school work)... all the usual stuff that some of us did to convince our parents it would be a good investment. Well, last week I began to annoy the living crap out of my wife about how much The C64 Maxi would be a good thing to add to our media room... Hoping to unwrap one December 25th 2021 and relive Christmas 1985... we'll see. So far it's been fun going through all the motions to drop hints.
  2. TD Bauer

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    Nice Intro! I miss SWG... Might have to pull out my old CDs and get into an emo.
  3. I get over to that direction from time to time. My wife's family mostly lives in the Waupaca and Point area.
  4. Seems like the past few months I have been gravitating towards Phasmophobia and Star Trek Online. I have been kicking around the idea of finding a Star Wars Galaxy EMU server to jump into this winter. My gaming habits are mild. Most weeks between late Spring and early winter I maybe get in a couple hours per week is all. Over winter in Wisconsin, I tend to jack that up to 10-15 hours per week.
  5. Been following the project off and on the past year, silently watching, waiting, anticipating. No longer a broke kid from the 80s scheming on ways to acquire new Commodore hardware and software. Forty-eight, have money, will spend. Just wanted to chime in and say hi. I suspect there are many people like myself sitting and waiting quietly to throw money at the Commander X16. TD Bauer - Dude from Wisconsin
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