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  1. Thanks, that's definitely an ad for a similar system but the form factor of the drawing and the "5 foot cable" description don't match this particular item. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Interesting. How sure are you that it was exactly this? https://youtu.be/dTZonuUtbXw
  3. You’re welcome! Glad you didn’t actually fall off the couch.
  4. I actually only got it recently. I like it a lot! It’s shown in my next video on Saturday (Tom has early access now hehe). It doesn’t have immense torque but it’s great for smaller items which is the point really anyway. Also for things that need care like putting breadbin C64 case screws back in.
  5. Big thanks to the new team members for stepping up. We’re excited that the website and community will endure. Happy 2022 everyone!
  6. Off-topic: Just to clarify a little further, yes I am hosting the site still. The site’s creation came about with the endorsement of the whole X16 dev team on Slack, and indeed everyone seemed quite pleased with it initially. It even allowed David to shut down his own forum Murray2 with his brother and move the archives to this one. The team were all encouraged to post official updates here first, and copy the forum url to Facebook. However I think people just find Facebook quicker, and ultimately I couldn’t force the team to keep updates going here without starting to sound like I was nagging them each time Still I think it’s a wonderful site and @MattGrandisand I are very pleased with it, particularly the software library with built in emulator. Don’t see that very often elsewhere! That is why, when there were no other offers from the team to keep the site alive, I financed another year of it recently even though I had stepped back from the X16 project itself. There’s a ton of time and work here that would’ve been lost and disappointed hundreds of people We’re open to passing the baton to the community as long as it is properly maintained and moderated. Feel free to DM @MattGrandis and I in a group message if you are serious about taking it on. I’m already discussing with one member also but we have about 8 months before we have to make the switch so no rush. Thanks for your belief in the site as a cool place to be and a useful ecosystem. Happy new year!
  7. Thanks so much! That means a lot. And I'm really glad the computer's dreams of nostalgia triggered actual dreams of nostalgia!
  8. Beautiful design Andy! Sadly phase 1 definitely wouldn't fit in there without a complete redesign. Phase 2 just about might fit if designed specifically for this form factor. Phase 3 definitely would fit though, so if you make 3D plans available for the community that would probably be a nice option. Well done!
  9. Thanks! Got the card too! Will get it in the Xmas edition time permitting. Thanks for watching and listening Tom!
  10. Haha sorry about that! Great story though! May I tell it on The ЯRetro Show?
  11. Sorry as I have stepped back from the project and no longer have Tapatalk I can’t assist with this.
  12. Good points. The only point I’d politely pick a hole in is about the plastics colouring. Commodore were renowned for wildly varying colour mixes and had more than one factory. That’s why there has never been a defacto established commodore 64 bread bin colourcode. But you make some good points for all the rest of it. It seems like it could just be an expensive third party fail. Now if I could just find an advert from before it flopped…
  13. Funny enough an HTPC case was one of my early ideas. <Digs into the archives…> Perifractic/Gaz Marshall
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