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  1. Ah when you said "deleting them" was the proper process I read that as you recommended deleting them (by an admin or whoever). Glad we sorted that out [emoji6]
  2. I'd respectfully disagree with this. It's good to have all versions available rather than delete them (that's why the feature is there). Let's see if we can figure out why Try It Now is failing.
  3. The connectors you see in the home page image are based on PCI but not compatible with existing PCI cards for safety reasons. The connection format is proprietary.
  4. There is a reference chart in the works for that kind of thing yes. More info when we have it.
  5. Hmm that's different to my understanding. Let me check into that a little.
  6. The current WASD Keyboard is fully compatible with VICE on Windows 10 to the best of our knowledge.
  7. We are planning a separate guide for that, but for now just click Downloads above to be taken to the current documentation.
  8. I'd love to see this when finished [emoji106][emoji973]️
  9. Just a small clarification: When David mentions a Kickstarter he's using the word in the generic sense, meaning "crowdfunding". We're not yet decided what the home will be for the campaign. It may well be done within this website. Kickstarter is great for unknowns but The 8-Bit Guy brand carries some value and trust already that may make that unnecessary and help keep the end user price lower without Kickstarter's fees. More info when we have it!
  10. Please see FAQ [emoji4]
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