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  1. This will likely offer local control of keyboard functions if/where applicable but isn't transmitted to the machine, similar to the Fn key on a laptop.
  2. Please understand that the openness we've already exhibited is fairly unprecedented. I can't think of many projects that had 20,000 people following things 2 years before crowdfunding even started. That said, if you look at the Facebook David did respond very recently with an update that we're resolving some issues with the second prototype board. I also posted an update in official announcements just yesterday. But yes, every time we make an announcement it does trigger a number of questions, and answering those can take time away from the actual work. So it's a balance. Thanks for understanding.
  3. Yeah that's a factory cost limitation. How much more would you pay for a blue key? The way they mould these it would require a separate mould. The top keys don't look good all blue IMHO. The aim here is beauty and value.
  4. Well, this is the keyboard that will be included with the X16P, so technically you won't have to buy this keyboard
  5. Very small update for you guys. First prototype PS/2 mini keyboard is in. Note: This is not representative of our colour scheme or keycap artwork. They used a default artwork but we'll be able to get more specific once the crowdfunding starts. But the goal of this prototype is to test the new more ergonomic raised up keycaps and overall feel and design. You may remember our early prototype keys were flatter, more laptop like, and less nice to type on. This feels REALLY good to type on, especially for a good value non-microswitch keyboard. Can't wait for you guys to be able to hold it in your hands. Well... under your fingers... You know what I mean. (And of course the deluxe microswitch keyboard made and sold by WASD remains an option for the most selective of keyboard connoisseurs: http://commanderx16.com/deluxekeyboard ) More updates soon! Your friend in retro, Perifractic
  6. Hello Commandos, As you know the Mega 65 is another great project and based on Commodore's never-released C65 computer. Obviously the hardware is a bit different as it is FPGA-based, but I was curious, what do you prefer about the Commander X16 (chips aside) and its specifications and software, over the Mega 65's OS (if anything). What drew you here? Your friend in retro, Perifractic
  7. I was wondering about that. Looks good!
  8. I'm all done with that project for now but I'll keep it in mind if I revisit. [emoji106][emoji973]️
  9. No, because it was a joke, hence the wink faces [emoji6][emoji6] In all seriousness, leaving the mini keyboard out wouldn't make much of a change to the price. The bulk of the cost is in the X16 itself. But to be clear, we aren't giving granular options like that. The options will be clear and simple, which makes it easier for the consumer to choose and for us to logistically deliver items. These options are likely to be: X16P: Kit X16P: Pre-built (Both come with case and mini keyboard, no substitutions)
  10. David has said that he won't be doing a new version but he is coding Attack of the PETSCII Robots currently.
  11. Ok I've noted to leave it out of the box when we ship yours. [emoji6][emoji6]
  12. Wow that's a keyboard case AND a desktop case!
  13. Very cool! You know I loved this game and bought it for the C64 when I was about 12. (9:15)
  14. Correct. Where would you put the 4 expansion cards in a keyboard case? [emoji854]
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