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  1. I appreciate the ideas. But it's the details where this sort of idea falls apart. As mentioned in the FAQ, if you look at other retro projects that went with a bespoke case, they had over a year, nearly 2 years delay added to the project due to problems with their own manufacturing. It isn't something the X16 team wishes to take on. 3D printing, as you mention, also isn't viable. I'm happy to leave this here as a feature request however. Never say never. Feel free to noodle on ideas, and we can see what the future brings. Thanks.
  2. Hi @Lambda_BM, I've moved this to feature requests. We've avoided bespoke cases for reasons detailed in the FAQ. I'd have one question for you at this stage: How would you manufacture it (considering the points detailed in the FAQ)?
  3. Thanks for your understanding 🕹
  4. You've confused a few things: 1) The deluxe keyboard is made by WASD and the price is set by them not us. We only produced it because a number of people asked for a high quality microswitch keyboard. WASD sell thousands of keyboards at that price. The other option is we did not offer one at all and ignored user requests. 2) You're quoting our FAQ out of context relating to the core machine. Ultimately we are trying to give the community what they want. A good value modern retro computer using readily available parts, rather than one you have to fight over on eBay. And, the option for a deluxe keyboard thanks to WASD instead of the mini keyboard that will come with the stock X16. If the result of that is we get complaints from users trying to use the FAQ against us and complaining about an option for a deluxe keyboard which they could just ignore, then perhaps we should revisit having that option at all and remove it from the site. What do you think?
    Fantastic stuff!
  5. Our PSU is 180W but the stock machine without expansions will use far less than that.
  6. Yep it's literally called fireworks night. "Remember, remember the 5th of November; the gunpowder treason & plot".
  7. We thought people would like that feature! Happy 4th, or as we call it in England, Saturday.
  8. Whilst I don't use Twitter (& neither does David AFAIK) this is undeniably cool! Nice work! [emoji106][emoji973]️
  9. Or as we call it in England, Saturday!
  10. I wouldn't be surprised either. Also, you should read the FAQ right though every morning before you get out of bed.
  11. We are going with SNES for some good reasons. More info in the FAQ. [emoji106][emoji973]️
  12. Good question. This should have been in the FAQ so I just added it: Offering too many options and variables too early can dilute resources and focus, and thus be detrimental to projects. It opens up all sorts of other variables that take time and money to resolve, such as the need for different packaging to give just one of many examples. So the short answer is, it hasn't been decided yet, but we hear you.
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