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  1. Please correct me if I am misunderstanding anything, but when you say “we“ do you mean the developers? If you are referring to the first model we will be releasing, it is far too late to be discussing changes to the expansion slot form factor. We are trying to lock down a third and final prototype before production. Sorry. Lots more info in the FAQ in case you missed it. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  2. I certainly agree with that, which is why X8 hasn’t been publicly mentioned (until someone discovered a page that wasn’t meant to be public). Our 3 tiers as announced a year ago are as simple as we can be. Best, better, good. Right now we’re focusing only on the best model, the X16P. Can’t wait till you guys see it fully working. Announcements when we have them… Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  3. Actually as per the FAQ stage 3 might have some features removed (or to be clearer, some features may not be possible) whilst it may have other Enhancements, hence X16E. I say this only to clarify they won’t all be exactly the same, just as different models from any manufacturer are usually not all the same in features. But yes, the X8 was/is an idea that may never materialize on the market. It’s far too early to discuss the X16E let alone any possible X8… Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  4. We do not plan to sell the item without the case, just as Commodore didn’t. It will likely be sold in kit form as an option (as per FAQ), but will still come with a case and keyboard. We have to meet the minimum order quantities for the case, keyboard, and PCB from the factories. If we make any of those items optional, we risk losing money on the project and the entire thing dying. For example we might order 1000 cases and pay for them, but only 200 people choose to buy them. Also the cased product includes the box around the case. If we didn’t sell the case we would also need to develop bespoke packaging for just a PCB, which again adds to the overall project cost and complexity. But simply, we are creating a complete computer, not selling just some parts. I appreciate the initiative to look for ways around reducing the shipping, but as you also said, if it is an item that you really want then the middleman will need to be paid for that, just like shipping any other item internationally. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  5. Well it was that all along. Congratulations! Wishing you and your little computer person many happy hours together. Just don’t forget to keep the food and water coming! [emoji855] Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  6. That’s very kind of you thank you! Funny enough I’m working on another video about this game this week! Keep trying, sometimes I find multiple disk images that are the same and finally I find one that works with various games. Good luck! Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  7. This definitely isn’t default behavior. Try to get hold of a different ADF from a different provider. I suspect it is a bug in the disc imaging. You might also find my video interesting [emoji6] Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  8. As the WASD isn’t made or shipped by us it would be tricky to include it as someone would need to pay for them to be shipped to us first. What I have done is implemented an option selector on the crowdfunding where you can opt to remove the mini keyboard for a small discount, if you already bought the deluxe. You will see this when the crowdfunding goes live a little later this year. The only warranty that will be offered is what is required by local ordinances, because this is a hobbyist device and where there is tinkering there is unfortunately sometimes user damage. So as far as I know the only warranties we will offer are those required by US law for hobbyist devices. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  9. I would agree that we do not expect to change the speed of the product. In some cases features may be taken away as the board gets simpler, so it would be contradictory to also give it a speed improvement for less money. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  10. I realize this may not come as good news but we have no plans to employ a warehouse outside of the USA. To do so would add to the unit price of every item sold outside the USA, which to some extent would come close to import duties that you would pay anyway. This really started out as a hobby for David and keeping everything simple is the key to actually launching the product. If we add variables on top of variables, complexities, and the inevitable problems of warehouse staff not doing their jobs properly or other problems we have to go in and fix, and it just becomes futile. We are also conscious that David in his very first video stated he wanted the computer to sell for absolute bottom dollar. If the retail price outside the USA has an inflated unit price due to incorporated warehouse and distributor cuts, we will likely get kickback and bad press from the community saying it is “too expensive” or we are penalizing people overseas by charging them more compared to Americans. We are happy to offer international shipping options but at the moment it is expected that everything will ship directly from the USA only, as with many other products. Sorry if that is bad news but thank you for understanding the need to keep this project simple, straightforward, and at the lowest possible selling price. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  11. @xavierbissonnette3@gmail.c Could you please also rename or remove your GitHub. We appreciate the enthusiasm but it isn’t the “official” X16 custom ROMs repository. Thanks.
  12. Hi, the case is a variant of this: http://www.kebostech.net/product/brand/1/1/4/143 Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  13. This is really cool! Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  14. And just a heads up that we are adding a diagnostic LED or two to the PCB, mainly to assist with diagnosing power on/no picture failures. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
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