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  1. Just to add a little more detail, in David’s first video he set the goal at under $99 but hopefully $50. While $50 may not be doable, don’t rule out us coming true on the first video’s mention of $99, for Phase 3 (X16E). Stranger things have happened…
  2. I hear you. The simple answer is that this is a non profit project by a small team and we haven’t established a watertight, rock solid, infallible line. I’m sure I’ve discussed this before. I’ll give it one more try. Let me try to reiterate the POINT of the rule so you can apply it to any number of situations not in the FAQ going forward, by yourself: Discussions about creating clone MACHINES of the X16 that would use our work and deter someone from buying an X16, could reduce the amount the team can recoup the project costs/expenses by. That limits future development. If an FPGA clone was released by someone, and became popular for example, it would be a big problem. We have to therefore nip such discussions at the bud. That’s the POINT. You can easily extrapolate and work back from the point to decide what is safe, not safe, or a gray area. If it’s a gray area, I suggest classing it as not safe and moving on to other ideas. The big no no historically has been people discussing creating FPGA clones of the X16. That’s a hard no. You mention bare metal Pi. That is also hardware. If it leads people down a path to one day en mass buy a Pi instead of an X16, it harms the future of the project. Yes we have a Linux emulator, but the aim of that (and Win/Mac) is to give people a development platform for the real machine. We enforce the usage of that with the rules you are querying. You mention Android emulator. That is software. However it runs on hardware. But that hardware is obviously much less of a challenger to the X16. I do not perceive people using a phone with no keyboard as their daily driver Commander X16. Do you? So, there’s no simple answer. But if you understand the point now, it should be simple to “do the right thing” in any situation.
  3. We can only be so clear in the FAQ before we start sounding like we are over explaining things. I had assumed that the fact that the android and iOS versions are linked directly from the official downloads button on this very same website would be enough indication that we endorse those and actually worked with the developers. What is frowned upon is creating physical machines running our licensed code. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks for the info Tom! If only it came in white…
  5. Current thinking is to include an SD Card with a few games and programs bundled. If we do that will be one of them.
  6. If your concern is that we’ll release the X16 with a keyboard that doesn’t work, needless to say that won’t be the case. Yes we are using a variant of the 409 PS/2 version, but again needless to say, we have them in house and Michael has tested it thoroughly with the kernel. Remember we have more control as we’re writing the kernel, as opposed to what’s happening at that thread. Any issues will also come out during beta testing which we hope to start soon. Long story short, worry not.
  7. Just a reminder of the group rules for everyone. Please don’t ask for updates. Updates come when they are ready on a proactive not reactive basis. We get a number of emails, messages, and posts asking for various updates and it puts unfair pressure on the team. We are 5 people with a wonderful community of over 20,000 people. The machine has not been launched yet. Updates will be posted here when ready, not because we are asked to give interim ones. Thank you for understanding.
  8. This is a different keyboard that will be included with the computer.
  9. In this recent video I showed a first prototype of the X16's mini keyboard. As we edge closer to crowdfunding later this year, today we ordered final keyboard prototype samples with the PETSCII layout and X16 logo on. Can't wait to try them out and show you guys more!
  10. We’re aware of the issue caused by our host failing to auto renew or notify us. They’re a small provider who we like to support and are looking into the cause. Let’s encrypt is not an option they offer and we are limited to what they provide. Should be fixed within an hour. Thanks.
  11. I haven’t seen it on a huge scale but on a smaller level yes, the ZX Spectrum Next comes to mind.
  12. In the unlikely event that we sell more than we can produce by the crowdfunding delivery estimate (TBA) we will be able to move the campaign to “out of stock” status temporarily while we catch up or expand operations as needed. We will be hosting the crowdfunding on this website so will have more options. But as I say, that is unlikely. We will put measures in place to prevent bulk buys with the intention of reselling on eBay at a profit. More info when we have it.
  13. That’s an interesting question. It’s not something we have discussed. I think it is more likely that we will set a realistic delivery target date where we could get all orders delivered by, than actuality limit orders. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  14. It is designed to be compatible with the emulator. http://commanderx16.com/deluxekeyboard Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  15. We’re really glad you’re happy with it! Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  16. No problemo! Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  17. 1. Yes 2. I’ll let others answer 3. Board is intended to be socketed Bonus: 1. We appreciate your excitement! Please remember the rules and don’t ask for updates as it puts unfair pressure on David and the team. It also starts another round of speculative replies about dates which the devs have had all too many times. It’s all answered in the FAQ just one click away. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  18. Please remember from the rules and FAQ that clones of the X16 (“bare metal” etc. and machines not already supported by the emulators) are prohibited for intellectual property and licensing reasons. Discussion or encouragement of such ideas is also problematic. Explained in the FAQ. Thank you. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer
  19. Firstly I’m glad you are excited for the machine. Thanks! I don’t think you are missing anything. In a way you have answered your own question by reading the FAQ, something some people don’t bother to do so thank you for that. Personally I do not believe that it makes much sense to say that poll results don’t make sense. Market research is a key part of any product design, along with cost saving that can be passed on to the consumer. We conducted both of those with that decision and the majority of people indicated that they would not change the SD card very frequently. You can see the poll results at Facebook by searching for SD card poll but these were our takeaways for how often people would eject the SD card: 110 hardly ever or monthly/yearly 65 weekly 0 daily The design is now set in stone, and the card slot is at the back. To move it to the front would add a considerable cost to each unit price because we would have to modify the case instead of including it on the VERA board which we control the design of more. There’s already some good suggestions above, and I know from my own experience once I have my core set of favourite programs on an SD card, I don’t very often swap it out. Also for programming your own games and programs, everything will be saved with the SD card in situ. But if you do want to swap it out, really how hard is it to reach around the back once a week or month?… Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  20. Thanks so much! Welcome to the forums [emoji106] Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
  21. You are correct although I am disappointed that it didn’t run on belt buckles. Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer http://youtube.com/perifractic
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