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  1. I’m happy to address that. With a change of active team lineup it felt like a good time for another refresh as we had before. I actually said to @MattGrandis (webmaster) I don’t know why we didn’t use the logo like that to start with! Looks so smart, especially on the desktop site. The various case renders remain happily live and present in several other places for your enjoyment. [emoji106] My taking a step back spurred by personal reasons should not itself directly cause any changes to the project that weren’t already afoot. Changes may of course happen to any project like this for other reasons as we all know, and I’m sure David will keep everyone up to speed as the project matures. I’ll respectfully close this thread so I can continue my step back. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments. It’s wonderful there is so much care out there for the project and the people behind it.
  2. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. It means a lot.
  3. We've always been open with you about the Commander X16 project's progress, and today I'm sharing my decision to take a little step back from the project. When David kindly invited me on board, I accepted on the basis that approximately a 1 year prototype development process was envisioned for a cased computer, after which I would refocus on my own projects. However, of course I understand these things often do become much more complex, and so I have been happy to give an additional 1½ years to such a cool project. Over those 30 months I've been honoured to be able to give my time overseeing parts of the jigsaw puzzle including the "X16" name, logos, keyboards, manuals, box & cover art (I hope one day you will see it!), social media, factory negotiations, Cloanto ROM licensing, slogans, draft crowdfunding video, 3D renders, X16P and X16C case designs, and of course the website & software library ecosystem for the project to hopefully someday flourish within. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with some very talented contributors in some of those areas - thank you so much Anders Enger Jensen, Charles Paek, Gaz Marshall, John McDermott, Lorin Millsap, Matt Grandis, Mat Recardo, Trevor Storey, and more. However during that time my little YouTube channel has continued to grow beyond expectations, associated writing for ZZAP! 64 has increased, I've started projects of my own, and have found my available time for prolonged outside projects reduce. Then, sadly my mother passed away very recently, which is at the time of writing this, absorbing an unanticipated amount of my time and emotional energies, and I am needing to focus more intently on family matters. I always wish to do my best for everyone, be it fellow X16 fans, my Patreons, or family, and by spreading myself too thin for too long, I can't be my best for you guys. So, with much of my X16 work recently completed, now feels like the right time to pass the baton. David and I remain friends, and I have wished him the very best of luck with whatever shape the X16 takes post-Peri! He and the team have my agreement to continue to use as much or little of my contributions as he chooses including the case designs (should that be "the case" ahaha), and I remain available to hand over and tie up loose ends. [Edit: Case FAQ] I will continue to follow the X16's progress as a fan alongside you all, and I am sure the project will endure. Thanks for reading my new novel here, and for your understanding with a difficult decision. Long live the Chickenlips 16! Peace out and cheerio! Your friend in retro, Perifractic P.S. If you're not already, feel free to come follow me elsewhere and we'll continue to have fun together keeping nostalgia alive one video at a time. You can find me at: The Tube of You: http://youtube.com/perifractic Facepoke: http://facebook.com/chrisimpsonline Instaface: http://instagram.com/perifractic PerifracTikTok: http://tiktok.com/@perifractic Interwebs: http://perifractic.com Patrón: http://patreon.com/perifractic
  4. Sorry to hear about the spill! I do appreciate the offer but that would come a couple of years down my list of upcoming videos I’m afraid so I will respectfully pass.
  5. Sounds like you have it handled. Good to hear.
  6. If you’re referring to the WASD keyboard that definitely shouldn’t happen anywhere near this soon (if at all). What did their warranty support say when you reached out?
  7. If I use it I'll certainly mention you in some way, but I may be making a 3D model based on the Compute article. I'm hoping David Pleasance will get back to me with more info, possibly from Dave Haynie. We shall see!
  8. That's wonderful! Mind if I use it in the video possibly?
  9. Ah, I'm pretty sure those are to receive the "tabs" from the original case (the tabs that tend to break off original cases). Nothing more.
  10. That makes some sense... it was a way to turn the back of the C64 around to face you for convenient unplugging of carts. Thing is... I've been a C64 fan for decades and never saw this before. I just would have imagined a product that was publicly released to have been seen. Any chance you can find said advert?
  11. Those slots are actually just the upsidedown mirror image of the video, disk drive, and RF ports. Because one piece was made to fit both the top and bottom (to save tooling money), these slots are present in both identical pieces.
  12. Update: Well I think I found a drawing of a C64D: https://archive.org/details/COMputer1988Nr0228Januar24Februar/page/n65/mode/2up?q="Commodore+64D" However that version is an "all in one" design like the A500. And here's some info in English about a split-level design version (bottom of righthand page): https://archive.org/details/1989-04-compute-magazine/page/n53/mode/2up?q="Commodore+64D" Certainly what I have here isn't the first one, but as you say it could have been a first stage proof-of-concept to see how detaching the keyboard worked out. Obviously I'd love that to be true, but I must consider that it's a third party product... but again, I just can't imagine anyone spending the thousands of dollars (or pounds) required to create tooling for something that apparently nobody ever even saw come to market. Which brings it back to more likely being a prototype... I just don't know though.
  13. That's a fascinating theory, thank you! If this was part of a C64D prototype that would be very exciting indeed. I must say, I've never seen anything injection moulded like this that didn't come from a Commodore factory. The colour, shape, etc. is all very "Commodore". I'm not even sure other companies would have risked the IP infringement of making something that looked so OEM. I have posted in the Lemon64 thread to see if anyone has a copy of the drawing of the C64D. Maybe someone can dig out the referenced German or Swedish magazine. BTW I think those slots you mention are just for rigidity, nothing more than that...
  14. Hi guys, well I ended up buying this strange monster and I have to say I am none the wiser. The person who said above that it looked like both parts were identical was correct. The thing that confuses me the most is those parts are definitely injection moulded. And in my experience back then to create tooling for a part like this that fits perfectly with the Commodore 64 would cost the equivalent of around $20,000 today. It just isn’t conceivable to me that somebody would do that for a homebrew project. This must’ve had a commercial release or commercial application. There must’ve been many of them manufactured. Here are some more photographs I took as well as the original ones from the eBay listing. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WZoiVeNmhvxmH9oC9 I have asked Bil Herd and David Pleasance and so far none of them have any idea. Does any of the shed any light on the mystery for you guys? Needless to say I’d love to make a little video about it but it will be a shame if there was no conclusion. Thanks!
  15. Currently we are seeing a small to moderate impact on the parts we need. I don’t think (fingers crossed) it will affect us as much as some projects, but it will have a moderate or measurable effect. More info in the coming weeks as we build out the first 30-50 prototypes. Thanks for your concern.
  16. Just to add a little more detail, in David’s first video he set the goal at under $99 but hopefully $50. While $50 may not be doable, don’t rule out us coming true on the first video’s mention of $99, for Phase 3 (X16E). Stranger things have happened…
  17. I hear you. The simple answer is that this is a non profit project by a small team and we haven’t established a watertight, rock solid, infallible line. I’m sure I’ve discussed this before. I’ll give it one more try. Let me try to reiterate the POINT of the rule so you can apply it to any number of situations not in the FAQ going forward, by yourself: Discussions about creating clone MACHINES of the X16 that would use our work and deter someone from buying an X16, could reduce the amount the team can recoup the project costs/expenses by. That limits future development. If an FPGA clone was released by someone, and became popular for example, it would be a big problem. We have to therefore nip such discussions at the bud. That’s the POINT. You can easily extrapolate and work back from the point to decide what is safe, not safe, or a gray area. If it’s a gray area, I suggest classing it as not safe and moving on to other ideas. The big no no historically has been people discussing creating FPGA clones of the X16. That’s a hard no. You mention bare metal Pi. That is also hardware. If it leads people down a path to one day en mass buy a Pi instead of an X16, it harms the future of the project. Yes we have a Linux emulator, but the aim of that (and Win/Mac) is to give people a development platform for the real machine. We enforce the usage of that with the rules you are querying. You mention Android emulator. That is software. However it runs on hardware. But that hardware is obviously much less of a challenger to the X16. I do not perceive people using a phone with no keyboard as their daily driver Commander X16. Do you? So, there’s no simple answer. But if you understand the point now, it should be simple to “do the right thing” in any situation.
  18. We can only be so clear in the FAQ before we start sounding like we are over explaining things. I had assumed that the fact that the android and iOS versions are linked directly from the official downloads button on this very same website would be enough indication that we endorse those and actually worked with the developers. What is frowned upon is creating physical machines running our licensed code. Enjoy!
  19. Thanks for the info Tom! If only it came in white…
  20. Current thinking is to include an SD Card with a few games and programs bundled. If we do that will be one of them.
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