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  1. Perifractic's post in USB Keyboard/mouse support was marked as the answer   
    Let’s keep it friendly here everyone.
    It looks like a cool product and I’ve seen it getting love elsewhere.
    I can also see how this could have been misinterpreted here.
    For the record the X16 will come with a compatible keyboard and 2 capable PS2 ports on the back for which we’ve had no issues so there’s technically no need for the device, but I appreciate any solutions to retro problems.
    Onwards and upwards...
    Perifractic, X16 Visual Designer
  2. Perifractic's post in Luggable Form Factor X16 was marked as the answer   
    I appreciate the ideas. But it's the details where this sort of idea falls apart. As mentioned in the FAQ, if you look at other retro projects that went with a bespoke case, they had over a year, nearly 2 years delay added to the project due to problems with their own manufacturing. It isn't something the X16 team wishes to take on. 3D printing, as you mention, also isn't viable. I'm happy to leave this here as a feature request however. Never say never. Feel free to noodle on ideas, and we can see what the future brings. Thanks.
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