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  1. I would just like to address the comments about Mega65 trying to cash in on X16's void. They have had a very clear direction for many years (2014?). They're not trying to react to a market etc, or gauge what the community wants.. it's a very defined project that has attracted a community that finds the vision appealing. They wanted the devkits released last year, they made it happen. Then they've been pushing hard all year to make sure the final release and pre-order lines up with the 30th anniversary of commodore cancelling the c65 (1991). I can honestly say i have never seen any comments in the mega65 discord about trying to take community away from x16 (in fact the opposite, there has been talk about not porting the x16 core to the mega65 to not impact the x16 project, unless approached by Dave etc). There is no cashing in intent at all. Mega is not for profit organisation and Mega65 is a not for profit project. Both projects are very different from each other, with some overlap. There is plenty of room for both a closed design like x16 and open like mega65 in the world. As far as shipping and tariffs.. They shipped the devkits with dhl I believe and it was very quick arriving in Australia. But the best place for those sort of questions would be the mega65 forum or discord :). Hope that sheds some light on the thread for people not following the Mega65 project :).
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