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  1. The C128 was better suited for productivity software but it did not offer enough improvement when it came to the gaming market. Games played a large part in what made the C64 successful. Being backwards compatible ended up providing a greater incentive to make C64 games that would take advantage the C128 features when present instead of creating exclusive titles. If it had a more advanced video upgrade then things might have been different. You might be right about the Amiga selling less because the lack of C64 compatibility. My brother works in a computer store during that time and one question he got asked a lot about the Amiga was: "Will it run my C64 games". Bit the price tag was also a factor.
  2. The C64 was designed to be simple home computer and game machine aimed at 12-year-olds. For its purpose, I think it was the perfect machine. When they decided to make the C128, it really did not have a clear direction. The C64 had already maxed out the 64k address space and they just used an available video chip that they were working on for another project. In 1985, I would have liked a 65816 system at with 256k or 512k base memory and enhanced VIC and SID chips and a basic compiler like QBasic.It would have been fine if it is not C64 backwards compatible. As for the Amiga, it is a much more powerful machine but comes at a much steeper learning curve. I ended up going to the PC about a year after owning one because programming for DOS was more simple. If I was the CEO of Commodore, I would have released a 16 bit successor to the C64 instead of the C128 in 1985, still produced the Amiga but immediately released a console game system like the CD32 right after with unique titles.
  3. I read some reviews where the maxi had keys that have stopped working after a few months use? I am on the fence about buying one. As much as I love the C64, it might be better to spend the money on something with slightly more modern features like the MEGA 65, C256 or X16.
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