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  1. Hello all! Newcomer here. I used to love Basic programming on the C64, but that was over 30 years ago. I have unfinished business (old programs to port/finish), and new games to create and would love to make them for the x16, but I have really beginner questions (starting over again). Maybe it will help other newbs as well. 1) I know I could start by typing directly into the emulator, but can someone talk me through a better process? I've seen mention of using text editors (like notepad++), but what's the workflow to get from there into the x16 emulator? Copy paste? 2) IIRC, in c-64, each line was limited to 80 cols (chars)? Same here? 3) Anything else real basic about this Basic? I guess that's it for now. If it means anything I'll be starting with some text adventures, so no gfx yet.
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