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  1. I agree with you there, and I'm definitely looking to flesh the idea out more. After all, it's easy to present an idea and find a method to make it, but refining and perfecting that idea and getting it where you want it to be is where the hard part comes in.
  2. I honestly hadn't put much thought into the production of the case, as the idea is still very much new to me, but I did consider 3d printing, but knew it'd be impractical to print the whole case. The bent metal would definitely be a great idea for the top and side cover. As for manufacture, I would consider it limited run, as I consider it a sort of niche thing for a luggable.
  3. I just finished watching Perifractic's video on the Commodore SX64, and had an idea tha I would like to "get out there", so to say. What if there was a luggable form factor X16? I'm willing to attempt to design a luggable case in the style of the SX-64 for the X16, and by extension, any µATX board one would want to add. It would feature a either 5 or 7 inch 4:3 ratio LCD, 2 5 1/4 inch slots for whatever drives one might want to add, and the standard stuff on the back. I plan on doing this, at least for my X16 when I get one, but depending on the interest here, I might post further updates on the design or even sell them, but sales would likely be a distant future type thing. Also, key word in the designing is attempt; I'm not too good at 3D design, and this would be the literal 3rd 3D modeling project I'll've done, but I'm willing to give it a go and improve along the way.
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