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  1. Oh that's nice, what about changing the tick in the Q to a T? My attempt is pretty sad, but you might better understand.
  2. I'm all in to tossing $5us in the donation hat. Don't forget that Kickstarter also sticks their fingers in the pie. So I'd prefer a direct donation method, and avoid having to buy a t-shirt/cup/pen/pin/cap - but would consider a Commander X16 case badge purchase. The keyboard, does it have PETSCII on the keycaps? It's probably too late to inquire, but why wasn't a USB model chosen and then a USB to PS/2 adapter used to connect with the X16? I'd buy such a PETSCII keyboard even if I just had it to use with Vice on an RPi. I'm biting my tongue on the X8, if it was tweaked wouldn't it just be the Phase-3 X16e? - - The Opinionated Stay-at-home Dad
  3. If you're sticking with CBM prg Studio, like I am, check out the OldSkoolCoder's YouTube channel. Old Skool Coder's Hello World
  4. Oh, I was kind of expecting to see a card edge connector socket hanging off the end of the User Port cable. Perhaps on a plate poking out of one of the extra peripheral slots.
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