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  1. I'm not a developer, just a standard user interested in reliving my youth. I've been aware of the Mega65 for some time, but I knew relatively little about it (as compared to the X16) before Nostalgia Nerd's video released today. Based on what I saw in the video, it seems really cool. Very capable and showcasing a lot of features. Clearly the price will have to come down, but backwards compatibility and HDMI are both really compelling! That being said, the 'kitchen sink' model they seemed to have followed, such as having both an internal floppy and external peripheral support, having both internal SD and external microSD, and the planned Amiga and AtariST cores for the FPGA really have me concerned that the product won't be cost reduced enough for mass market. Also, the complexity they have gone for also slows down development. I don't doubt the product will eventually come out, but I am concerned how long it will take considering the time already invested and the potential for future issues as they refine the dev kits for mass market. To use a Commodore example, to me the Mega65 appears to be (philosophically) linked to the Commodore 128, whereas the X16 is much closer to the Vic20. My guess is the X16 will appeal more strongly to those interested in 6502 programming (over the Mega65) because of its simplicity and focus, whereas the Mega65 will appeal more to those that want to have maximum hardware compatibility with their existing Commodore collections. For myself personally, I want a new Commodore toy that won't destroy the bank and will (eventually) feature a strong software catalogue of new games pushing the hardware in new and interesting ways.
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