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  1. Thanks for that! While I wrote a lot of 6502 "back in the day," my work was almost exclusively on the Apple ][ series. As such, the books I have are all centered around those systems. Having a good C64 reference will help with some things I want to fiddle with for the Commander X16!
  2. troj

    WASD Keyboard

    Processing it yourself via the website is a great way to maintain greater control, as well as save money. The team has already been incredibly transparent about what's going on, providing significantly more information than any crowdfunding campaign I've ever seen. You have but to say the word and I'll be signing up, regardless of the platform the team chooses.
  3. troj

    WASD Keyboard

    That would be me. First, I love mechanical keyboards. Second, anything I can do that helps fund this project, even by a few dollars, is a worthwhile expenditure on my part. I'll be surprised if David and the rest of the team ever generate enough revenue off of this to compensate for the hours they've put into it. It's in the "labor of love" category, so if I can send a few bucks to help make that happen, it's money well spent, to me. And I have a cool keyboard I can use on my day-to-day computer, should I so choose!
  4. The challenge to something like that is that Mouser could change manufacturers on a part, causing a change in appearance and/or markings, which would impact the instructions. The team would never know, and someone may post a question which leaves someone scratching their head until they realize that a substitution was made which made the instructions no so clear. If the goal for the kit is for those knowledgeable enough on electronics to be able to handle that situation, then the market for the kit is drastically reduced. I'm not a part of the team, but the way I envision the kit is something more akin to a Heathkit product - aimed at a someone who's willing to take on a project, has some reasonable soldering skills, and who can follow instructions. But someone who may not be able to tell an electrolytic capacitor from a ceramic, without something to help the user tell them apart.
  5. troj

    WASD Keyboard

    That's the beauty of what the team has done - for those of us who like mechanicals, we have the option to buy one. But there's an affordable keyboard option out there for everyone, and it's the standard keyboard.
  6. I can deal with a bag of parts, within reason. What, to me, is most helpful is a parts list that provides the information required to identify each component. I have a kit I received that's difficult because the resistors provided didn't come with a list....and they substituted some resistors that are "close enough" so you can't really use a multimeter to properly identify them. I have another kit that was a bag of parts, but the instructions provide how to differentiate the parts, which made it super easy.
  7. C is also an option - Some are using cc65 to build binaries for the Commander X16. Note that I personally have zero experience with this, but it's a tool that continues to evolve.
  8. For me, that's exactly it - I enjoy putting them together, and having a working, finished product. Some kits are easier to assemble than others; I'm at the point where a through-hole kit I can do. But with the beginning of essential tremors, SMD is a no-go. Looking at the X16 prototype boards that have been shown, this looks to be an easier assembly job than a number of projects I've tackled. It's definitely not trivial, though.
  9. I agree, that troubleshooting kits could become a huge time consumer for the team behind this project, and that kits could be sold as "No warranty/support provided for kits." At the same time, I suspect some very knowledgeable folks in this community could help one another in troubleshooting/diagnosing kit assembly issues, without impacting the core team. Regardless of which way the team decides to go, I definitely plan to make a purchase! -Kevin
  10. I've got six CRTs from the 80s. One of them will work with this quite nicely, I'm sure.
  11. I tried to figure out who this Dr Cat is that developed the algorithm, but I couldn't figure it out. It would be very interesting to get in touch with him and see if he'd be interested in working a bit on some code for the X16. Considering the faster CPU, I suspect he could improve the playback quality without much difficulty. He indicated there was a lot of hand-tweaking on the Apple ][, due to the slow clock.
  12. Interestingly enough, there's an individual they refer to as Dr Cat who helped with the audio for Nox Archaist. It does amazingly clear audio on an Apple ][. I'd be curious to see how something like that would work on the X16, considering the faster CPU.
  13. troj

    Nox Archaist

    If you're a back of Nox Archaist and the X16, it wouldn't hurt to chime in to the Nox Archaist folks and let them know that you, too, are interested. More support will make them more likely to consider the port.
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