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  1. That's a reputation you've worked hard to build, and it can be destroyed in the blink of an eye with a crowdfunding campaign that goes sideways, despite your best efforts. As far as project funding goes, I don't think it would hurt to ask if people would pitch in money to help fund the project, with zero obligation - purely a donation. I know I speak only for myself, but I would happily do so.
  2. As soon as you take money from someone, there are obligations that go along with that - responding to inquiries, getting product out the door in a reasonable timeframe, etc. As long as they've not taken money from anyone, they have zero obligation to anyone and can work according to the team's priorities and needs. They currently control their own destiny. That changes completely, once they take money.
  3. I suspect it's a case of "I am a bit emotionally invested and stepping back completely is hard" coupled with a desire to make sure his words aren't taken as a slight in any way on his friends. To me, it just reinforces that he's truly a good person.
  4. For those advocating crowdfunding, remember that it creates with it a new set of time-consuming issues that have to be addressed, as well as other stress. This is a part-time, side project for the team, and adding obligation and stress from a crowdfunding campaign could easily push them over the edge. For me, personally, I want the kit form, most of all. I enjoy assembly such things, and it takes me back to my younger days. I don't care as much about a polished assembly with a board, a pretty case, etc - I'd rather assemble the board, and if I then need to source my own case for it, so be it. That's no different than all the computers I've built over the past 25 years or so. My guess, if the team were to release the X8 prior to the X16 is that it would become a distraction and the X16 itself would be less likely to ever be realized. To me, it comes down to David thinking in terms of his vision from when he kicked this project off - if the X8 meets that vision and he'd be okay if it stopped there, then consider releasing the X8. But if the X8 would leave David feeling disappointment for not having achieved his vision, then I would avoid that distraction and continue on with the X16. As far as component issues go, that's a real problem that's impacting a lot of projects and supply chains. I have a couple friends who produce niche electronic products and they need to have another production run done - they spent over a week sourcing parts that were compatible with items that they just couldn't find. They had to make some compromises that they'll have to address on the software side of their product, in order to be able to meet customer demand. Those backlogs and demands for components are not expected to get better until late 2022 or possibly into 2023.
  5. Such a nice, clean looking board! Nice to see progress being made - I know the team has been hard at work, even when things aren't visible!
  6. Hopefully things continue to go well! Definitely something that’s out of the control of the team.
  7. Believe it or not, a friend is having a problem sourcing passive components
  8. One of the "fun" side effects of COVID is that it has taken the already stretched-thin component market, and pushed it over the edge. I have friends who sell niche electronic devices, and they're having a heck of a time getting components. For some parts, they have been quoted delivery dates in 2023. With the component industry in turmoil as much as it is, I have to wonder how much (if at all) this will impact the planned Commander X16 timelines that the team has.
  9. Thanks for the update - that looks like some fun was had in the making of the video! Creative handling of the reset button, as well - that approach works really well, I think. Similar approach to power buttons on most PCs.
  10. Nice job by Adrian in explaining what the issue was. Sounds like Kevin was so close, but as Adrian said, it just needed a second set of eyes to look at it a little differently.
  11. Not to mention time. Those decisions take time, designing them takes time, implementing them takes time, testing them takes time. I just hope the resolution of the soft power issue doesn't consume too much of Kevin's time! I know the entire team has already invested a tremendous amount of that very valuable resource.
  12. Awesome to see some of the details, and it's not surprising things are evolving a bit as prototypes are built and tested. What's an amazing testament to the planning the team has done is that the code changes required look to be relatively minor.
  13. I'm just happy to see the team having some success - I'm guessing that the Proto 2 issues were causing some frustration.
  14. Awesome job by a dedicated group of individuals!
  15. Kevin posted this video on the Facebook page
  16. I get that, but I also understand not giving frequent updates, because updates lead to questions. Especially when the team is at a point where they've not taken anything from those interested - once they start collecting money, then expectations change and periodic updates are a good thing. For me, personally, I'm mostly interested in updates when something is accomplished. The last update I recall was the team was debugging a boot problem on the latest board revision, other than Perifractic giving us an update on some line art and case/keyboard designs. Until something changes, I don't see value (instead, I see headaches) of "We're still debugging the board" - if they start giving public updates about that, then they have to handle the influx of commentary about "Have you done this?" "You should try this?" etc.
  17. For me, the kit form is a huge portion of the draw. At the same time I was learning to program on 8 bit computers, I was also doing a bit of learning to assemble electronics. I reminisce about HeathKit projects, and helped assemble one of their computers. I'm also old enough, with the eyesight to show for it, and suffer a bit from tremors, so soldering through-hole is about all I can do. SMD components, even the larger ones, are essentially impossible. Even if it costs more, the X16 in kit form is a huge draw for me.
  18. Awesome to see things continuing to move forward ! The keyboard looks great, though I love my clicky keys.
  19. The III/4 is actually one of my favorites. My wife doesn't agree, but I still need to get a Model III; I was recently fortunate enough to score a Model 4 with the original warranty seal still intact.
  20. For me, the TRS-80 Model 1 is near and dear to me, because it's the first computer I learned to program on, in about 1980. What I worked with the most, however, was the Apple ][. I still have the //c I bought new in 1984. It took darned near every dime I earned that summer to buy that computer.
  21. Apple Apply //c I bought new in 1984 - fully working, including the lovely green screen monitor Apple //c my inlaws bought in 1985 - fully working, including the RGB monitor A pair of Apple ][+; I know one works, I haven't tried the other (yet) Apple //e - needs keyboard repair, at the very least I had a //gs, but I gave it away to someone who will better appreciate it Radio Shack Model 102 A pair of Model 4s; one NGA, one GA - the GA model is almost immaculate and still has the factory warranty seal intact. Sadly, I need to break that seal so I can fix drive 1. A pair of Model 1s, one of which works, one of which does not. I also have a working EI, as well as an EI board that doesn't work. I'm on the hunt for a Model III that's in reasonably good shape. The fun thing about the TRS-80 line is the FreHD, which is a hard drive emulator that uses an SD card. Makes it super easy to get software for the systems, if you have the boot ROM installed.
  22. If someone really wants a composite monitor, I believe I have a couple from the 80s I'd be willing to part with for the cost of shipping materials and shipping - I'd need to fire them up, first, to see if they work. Note that they were given to me, and I'm pretty sure they're monochrome.
  23. The team has mentioned the possibility of crowdfunding on platforms such as Kickstarter but has not committed to doing so. While such platforms do provide some benefits, the biggest is awareness. This project already has a great deal of awareness and following. in addition, platforms such as Kickstarter create their own challenges and expenses.
  24. Thanks for that! While I wrote a lot of 6502 "back in the day," my work was almost exclusively on the Apple ][ series. As such, the books I have are all centered around those systems. Having a good C64 reference will help with some things I want to fiddle with for the Commander X16!
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