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  1. Thay is awesome looking. I can't wait for this project.
  2. I am in Anacortes about 1 and a half north if you avoid traffic.
  3. Ya was watching the vid. I need to find one and not blow the PSU in it >_> lol sorry
  4. I know right lol. What model was the Amiga they used again a 1200 right? I think I will rewatch the video. Would love to get my hands on a working Amiga someday too since most of the mainstream 3D software started out on Amiga's. That or get the emulator working right.
  5. Ok can do. Hence why I asked. Didn't want to break any rules or cause confusion. Yes those were the days haha. I have been looking for SGI workstations but a working one let alone a full specced system are going for $1,000+ for a barebones system to I saw one for almost $9K for a fully maxed out SGI Octane2
  6. I did see those videos! I have always wanted to use an old Amiga with LightWave/VideoToast on them but finding one with out costing a small fortune has been a bit tricky. I remember watching the vids and being like "Ahh Lightwave 5!!". I started out on LightWave 7.0 on a 500Mhz Celeron with a 64MB Radeon 9000. Before I had LightWave I used Bryce3D for terriegn modeling and Corel Poser (Back when Corel owned the Poser software) on a 32MB TNT2 Ultra64 video. I thought at the time I had the best system in the world lol. Now I have a gaming laptop with a 6core 12thread i-78570H CPU and a GeForceGTX1050ti 4GB in it. My workstation has a 12GB TitanX (Love that beast) and I use mainly Maya and 3DSM now. Would it be ok if I did a concept render for the CommanderX16 and post it when I am done? If not no biggie just thought it would be fun to do.
  7. That is awesome. Lighwave 3D was the first Full 3D Suite I started learning 3D work/Animation with back in the 90s
  8. Hello everyone. Name is Jeremy but go by Keiyentai online minus FB. Been following this project since I first saw the video David made about it and heard about on Facebook groups. I can't wait til I can get a hold of one. Love the design and I am trying to think of something to program for it especially now that were I live quarentine has given me a lot of free time. Been going over the new documentation and it's detailed and easy to read which is a huge plus. Also the 3D concept looks awesome @Perifractic what 3D software do you use to make your renders?
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