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  1. Hey Bruce. I have read tons of comments of yours. I like your philosophical approach yes we went from making profit to getting rich, it's all relative. It's always good to learn something about imo the most important subject, we didn't learn at school anyone should know at least the basis of philosophy. But if we did our conversations would be kinda boring
  2. Pennies i mean they should fit within 1k excluding their labour. Prototyping within these clock speeds are relatively easy. Even if he spent 2k Dave will have his "dream computer" with the help of community. 2k isn't that much for what he gets and the influence he has. Im not aware of any international shipping apart from maybe ordering the parts, PCB, Vera board etc but that is the nature of any project, even if you purchase the parts in your local store, they also had to be shipped and the cost is included. I know the entire board was shipped to Adrian but he (or community) could have worked it out just from the schematic. Yes. But first you have to build a community and Dave has it already and we all know the community isn't that big. Going a bit off topic: i think the platform will fail for several reasons. Number one is the ATX format and desktop case. Back in the days buying desktop computer with separate keyboard was more like getting a powerful machine, usually post 8-bit era. I don't know why anyone would hide 8 bit sexy looking board in a desktop case that we are using this days with modern components. This definitely isn't nostalgic. Reason number two: They are making this project too complicated that is causing all the delays and further costs. Anyone who was working on a project knows that new ideas comes along, but this can be a nightmare when you start drifting from your original idea and trying to make it "better". What i mean is all the variants of the board. They should stick with the DIP and SMD versions for now, DIP being purely DIY for hardcore thru hole pervs like me ;), and the SMD obviously fully assembled with tech support and returns, for those who don't mind hiding it in a case and never open it. They decided to go FPGA version as well as some x8 hardware semi-compatible crap that will imo fragment this already small group of enthusiasts. I think these are great ideas but they should come after the main product is released.
  3. Prototyping cost pennies. If you thinking about your time spent in front of your screen rounting traces, and building the prototype just think about community who creates content for this project, or Adrian ( digital basement) fixing it for free. I don't know where all the money went that Dave and Peri spent but my guess is the fancy keyboards, cases and all this crap that supposed to make "nostalgia unboxing" experience, but i think most of us here don't really care, we want the device ?
  4. If they didn't they would make the blue prints available online for free. If they did i would have had a working cx16 long ago, and probably a few copies available on eBay for you guys.
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