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  1. Might be late to the game to (try to) answer this - but the Programmer's Guide says there is a Commodore IEC Bus (not working yet) exposed, and that drive #8 is used for internal KERNAL commands to that interface. So I would lean towards a yes for support of an IEC bus device (like the SD2IEC which I love!) Regards, R.
  2. Hello, all here. Not an expert on this, so might sound as a stupid question. You are warned . In the Programming guide I saw that there is an I2C bus in the system, but it also said that the RTC and the Sytem Management Controller are connected. I also saw there is a VIA#2 that is...unused? Now, I would LOVE to have an I2C bus exposed from the X16 (to communicate with all kinds of hardware). Would that be a possibility you think? I don't think it is connected to the user port. Looking forward to your expert answers! R.
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