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  1. AeSix

    1980's Memes

    Sadly, I think a cabinet made like that, even completely empty, would cost more than some of the television sets I have found... wood prices are stupidly expensive in the US right now. Couple that with the enormous amount of custom wood work... Probably looking at $600 to make a profit... and I just don't see anyone willing to spend that much for a knock-off. An empty one at that.
  2. AeSix

    1980's Memes

    I have a 2600, C64 (and SX64), NES (and Blinking Light Win NES), SNES, and growing my collection of consoles and games... As for them being 70s, yeah... but I grew up with one, which lasted well into SNES days (played like crap on it by then, but we still used it for family movies) I've been looking for a while, seems they've all mostly been trashed or are in the hands of people who want to keep them. I've found some wood box tvs, but not the "good" ones. So, they might not had been sold new too often in the 80s, they were still a staple - at least in lower middle class households.
  3. I had to steal this... like so: Just too good to pass up! I literally laughed out loud so much the dog looked at me from across the room
  4. AeSix

    1980's Memes

    I am actually currently looking for a console TV like that specific one, actually. I would love to get my hands on a working one, but lacking that, one with a good facia to house an LCD screen would be fine. Maybe I'm pushing this retro/nostalgia thing a bit far? Nah! I have plans™!
  5. Intros are hard for me. But, let me try. I'm AeSix (my online handle since around '98 when I changed it from Ae6, which I had used since '96) My real name is Jeremy. I used to run a Minecraft network with my wife, have worked in the tech and IT fields since '02. I've recently gained both a great appreciation and interest in retro computing in the last few months. I've attempted to learn to program many times in my life, and as a child I learned some Apple BASIC in school, but have all but forgotten it - though, can one truly forget BASIC? I realized, watching The 8-Bit Guy, and some others what my problem has been. I understand programming in Assembly, BASIC and other low level languages on 8 bit architectures way better than I do any compiled langs. I don't know /how/ to program, but low level stuff just makes a LOT more sense to me than C, Java, Python, etc. I do find myself to be a pretty decent Sys Admin though, having run 16 different Minecraft servers, 3 web servers, Proxying gateways, databases, and various server software - all concurrently, and by myself. Managing a community of several hundred members, with the loudest of them being obnoxious, unappreciative and troublesome, even with a team of staff, became frustrating. Then, early 2021, the burn-out hit hard and we spun down the servers. For almost a year I did very little in the way of using a computer at all much less doing any sys admin work. It's been refreshing! That's led to a lot of extra time on my hands to do an immense amount of very important things... like watching all of The 8-Bit Guy videos... >_> I've also been watching many YT videos of 6502 and other 8-bit CPU and microcontroller programming, especially Dave's Garage. So much so that my wife, a bona fide developer, has became interested in getting an Arduino to play around with. Win! I also got her to test out the X16 emulator, where she became interested in that as well. Soooo, we've been waiting patiently for the X16 to be purchasable! I figured I've been watching this community from outside for long enough, and have decided to join the forums.
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