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  1. I suppose it is totally possible to play mods on the PSG. Obviously it needs all the processing power of the 65C02, so the CX16 will not do much more in the same time.
  2. I correct myself: i made a breadboard modell, and in that GETIN does not break interrupts.
  3. Ah, that. By my experience, it has no effect, i can do anything i want, it qiuts.
  4. And when I say keyboard handling, it means KEYBOARD HANDLING. Which means minimum everything and extras. (No, the joystick handling is not enough for this) Currently i know only one method to poll the keyboard from assembly. Call GETIN, and use whatever you get back in the A register. This is fantastic, except it is (moderated:) not ideal, you can only poll the last pressed key, you have no keyoff information at all. Also, - by my experience - if you make any changes in the interrupt handling, the GETIN call simply terminate the program. If you take a look at my YM2151 SYNTH UI project, the synth is monophonic, and do not know when the key is released. The only cause for this, because i can not handle all the simultaneouslythe pressed keys, and i do not know when these individual keys are released. Otherwise it could be a really cool polysynth. Also in this project i can not implement software based LFOs, because ovverriding the interrupt breaks this (edit:) keyboard handling. I started a thread about key handling in the facebook group, and there was a long discussion about PS2 in the emulator, custom PS2 handling routines, etc. It would be nice to continue the discussion here, examples would be appreciated, and hopefully at the end some good documentation in the topic. (obviously with howtos about full total PS2 handling not less)
  5. I do not understand. What it means "clear the interrupt lines"? Nope. It is worst. As i call SCNKEY, my program exits immediatelly. If i call GETIN, it exits only if i press a key. I suppose i will start a keyboard handling thread here in the forum.
  6. This problem came out for me too. Even if I jump back to the kernal interrupt handler. It would be nice if you could share your SCNKEY solution. BTW there I started a discussion about the keyboard handling in the facebook group. The CX16 has a PS2 keyboard, so maybe later the PS2 keyboard transactions will be implemented for acceptable keyboard handling. And as I remember, PS2 is not implemented in the emulator, so it is still a problem. Maybe i should start the thread here too.
  7. Ok, my mistake, but i write it down here for others, who also don't know. If you want to tell the asm compiler to take a label's low and high byte, and compile it into your code you have to do this:
  8. I am using Turbo Rascal, which is a Pascal-like something with a nice IDE. It has not too much support for CX16 - they have no time to maintain the support, and BTW they are looking for someone to do it - but it has a really effective compiler. The language is a bit pain speed is beforehand everything, has no fancy libs, and every new release breaks the code almost uninvestigateable ways. It was developed by demosceners for demosceners.
  9. There is no example in this article how to modify the $0314-$3015, so I tried i myself. As i write to the $0314 and $0315 memory locations, my program returns to the basic immediatelly. In case the modification part is commented out, it runs further. And obviously the $0314 and $0315 are unchanged either way. I am using the emulator with Turbo Rascal, and the generated assembly code looks good. Is there any special tricks to modify these? Harmony and happyness!
  10. Can be done temporally, until i figure out how to load/save/export to file.
  11. YM2151 SYNTH UI View File synthuiym2151.prgA simple user interface for the YM2151 synth. Usage: LOAD "YM2151SYNTHUI.PRG",8,1 SYS$1000 Use the keys as any tracker to play. Use the sliders an buttons with the mouse to adjust synth params. Submitter Miklós Pathy Submitted 07/11/20 Category Audio Apps  
  12. Version 0.2


    synthuiym2151.prgA simple user interface for the YM2151 synth. Usage: LOAD "YM2151SYNTHUI.PRG",8,1 SYS$1000 Use the keys as any tracker to play. Use the sliders an buttons with the mouse to adjust synth params.
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