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  1. Maze is pretty cool - Perhaps you already do this - For more difficulty, as you move the avatar around the maze instead of just painting maze squares as visited - it could toggle them. If you travel over a place you have been it gets reset. You could also count steps so the player with the fewest steps for a given Maze gets bragging rights.

    Very nice game.

    1. JimmyDansbo


      Thanks. I have several thoughts for improving the game, such as counting steps as you suggest or timing the level to encourage speed solving.

      Unfortunately I don't think I will be updating the game any time soon as I have plenty of other projects that I find more interesting at the moment. You are welcome to fork and improve. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  2. Well now you can peruse my code for the inverse functions you need and see how to convert them to using degrees if you need that. The angle mode (degrees or radians) is controlled by the strings "DEG" or "RAD" in A$ The inverse functions are in line numbers 5150 to 5172
  3. New! Improved - Now does arcsine and arccosine - thanks to @BruceMcF I had to do some trial and error to get the DEG / RAD conversion going correctly. Now you can use either angle mode. I don't think you can mix them however, or you must convert for yourself between calculations. RAD = DEG * pi / 180 Edit again - re-uploading files as I had not actually done arc-cosine yet. CALCULATOR Calculator.txt
  4. I had taken the inner parens out thinking the rule says do power before multiply before addition... Going to go check - watch this space.
  5. @BruceMcF My google Fu confirms : at ps://mathonweb.com/help_ebook/html/algorithms.htm#arcsin arcsin(x) = atn(x/sqr(1-x^2)) and arccos(x) = atn(sqr(1-x^2)/x) The C64 manual Appendix H gives inverse sine as atn(x/sqr(-x*x+1)) and inverse cosine as atn(x/sqr(-x*x+1)) + pi/2 I am trying both of those for my calculator (even with or without the x*0.017453 to convert from deg to rad) Unfortunately they are not returning back to the original angle. sin 45 degrees = .70709 arcsine of (.70709) = .01234 (degrees set so the conversion is being done.) The last time I worked with this kind of math was in ITT Tech - over 10 years ago. Little rusty.
  6. From your avatar, are you hoping for FORTH programming? Oh- I see you do mention FORTH in your post too.
  7. All Hail Rassilon, Lord High President!
  8. Hey JimmyJab I am in Sacramento - So not too far away.
  9. Oh - an updated version where in I actually added the commented out key monitoring line mentioned in the text file CALCULATOR
  10. Here is an RPN calculator in BASIC that is a work-alike to the HP line of calculators of yore. Because it is written in BASIC functionality is easily added. A small usage doc is included too. Any suggestions on additional functionality that I should add to the base calculator, (like Pi or e as constants)? <- this has been added Anyone know an easy way to calculate ArcSin, ArcCos, and ArcTan? <edit - This has been managed I am re-uploading the latest version here. The Text file is a mini-manual. The "CALCULATOR" is a tokenized basic program. Let me know if there are other features you would like. Calculator.txt CALCULATOR
  11. Anyone remember "CARDIAC" ? (CARDboard Illustrative Aid to Computation) a cardboard you move bits around and do the math computer simulator from BELL LABS? I would like to write an emulator for CARDIAC - but the first thing is creating a card punch to punch card decks for cardiac to consume. These would be simple file with one number per line, I have attached what I have so far. The program asks for a file name for the deck. and prompts for the 1st card. Then prints a "?" and freezes (so far have to close the X16 window and re-lauch) Later I will want to re-open an output deck in the cardiac simulator an I will need a program to read those output decks and print them to the screen. PUNCH
  12. Ok - I found out how to mount the sdcard.img file - use losetup to set it up. Then it appears in Dolphin and I can mount it then. but to make things simple I went back to just using the host file system. So I have to step out of the emulator to remove files from drive 8. Not too bad as I will probably have that open in in the file manager anyway. Call this one done then.
  13. Hi Everyone! If you are using the SDCARD image and you want to save a file over itself you need to use save "@0:filename" but if you are using the host filesystem instead of an image file you cans simply use save "filename" and the file will be replaced. (at least with Linux)
  14. Mine is from the distribution so I am same as you. Oh well - now it's complaining about a floppy server. Well bedtime now... zzzz (it's only 04:00 )
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