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  1. The huge bug fix went in, although I have another to submit. Docs next. Things ought to be squared away for r40. There are still some small items to be completed, and I'll hit those after the docs. BTW, I'll submit some docs to the official doc repo too.
  2. Hi all, I've been busy this last couple of weeks and renewed activity of the ROM caught me off guard. The Codex in ROM is from July of last year. I have another large pull request to submit, I need to square that all away with the current release. I'll update the docs too. There is some older stuff on Codex at: https://sites.google.com/view/x16asmenv/home regards, Mike A
  3. Hi David, I haven't heard of anyone doing anything beyond "Hello World". I may be able to think up something a bit more meaty. I wonder if any of the creative coders on the forum might be up to this challenge? A coder writing a small flashy demo can get 15 seconds of fame and help provide valuable feedback for the project. I'll also follow up with an email on some related issues. Cheers, Mike A
  4. Looks like I'll need to dig into the source and use a similar technique. Thanks for the tips.
  5. I'd like to, but my experiments (using the emulator) don't appear to support ESCAPE. I need to check with the kernal guys to see if ESCAPE will be supported.
  6. By the way, in any prompt, pressing F8 will "escape" from the prompt.
  7. Yep, it's a bug! Thanks for the report. I'll fix it in the next version.
  8. Sorry for being late to the party. I'm currently using CC65 tool chain since it provides relocatable object models and a capable linker, plus integration with C. On top of that, since it runs on my modern machine, I have access to GIT (or what ever SCS you want). With out a source code control system, life ain't worth living! I totally get the idea of having a native development system, but modern editors (although I use Emacs) and source control are too much of an ask for me. Combine with the X16 emulator, and it's a pretty fast edit-compile-debug cycle.
  9. Use the "view mode" to examine defined labels. This shows all defined labels , even outside of the program region. It is missing the ability to define a label outside of the program region. As for examining the 16 bit registers, the debug display shows those. You can not use assembly mode to look at those locations, you should use "view mode, memory" if you want to see the raw dump.
  10. That is a UI limitation right now. While in ASSY mode, select the address you want to insert at, then insert instruction. This is useful whenever you are attempting an edit outside of the program region. I need to think about append some more.
  11. V 0.81 has been updated to fix bugs in 0.80. Available at the google site.
  12. The Assembly Environment (V0.8) is released, you can get the beta here: https://sites.google.com/view/x16asmenv/home I've also got a video about this release: https://youtu.be/adohtDGGPbE This release is now the first to be considered "beta", since I believe it to be feature complete (based on original plans). From here on out I'll be fixing bugs and making it rom enabled. Comments and bugs welcome!
  13. Michael, RE: disabling load/save from banked RAM... it looks like it is disabled for using the sdcard, but it appears to work without it (e.g. using the host file system). Can you let us know how the load/save kernal calls are intended to operate on the final unit?
  14. Livermore (East of Hayward/Oakland) for the curious.
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