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  1. javidx9 does a little math: https://youtu.be/ukkbNKTgf5U AdamCYounis making isometric art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqwQBWEzcxU
  2. Do you really need to mess with the ROM? IIRC you can changes some vectors in page 02 or 03 to use your own API rather than the Kernel.
  3. Dragon's Lair might seem like a lot, but it mostly isn't full motion video; most of the time it is a static background, the stuff moving in the foreground is usually only a couple of things, like Dirk and the Lizard King. The moving stuff could be sprites, so it's only a background image and then a couple kb per frame. I've actually seen a version of Dragon's Lair for the VIC-20. The wolf 3d could be made a lot faster by casting fewer rays and interpolation between rays when it can. I figure nearly 7/8 of the rays could be interpolated rather than cast. There's definitely room for improvement on the input side.
  4. After seeing what some other people have done, and after writing most of a game engine myself, I'm very encouraged by what's possible with this machine. Certainly any program that ran on an 8 bit machine in the 1980s is doable. But more is possible. I think any 80s video game is possible, even stuff that ran on 16 bit machines. Dragon's Lair wouldn't be a problem at all. Sonic, Mario, other side-scrollers, no problem. A first person shooter is definitely possible, as @Jeffrey showed with his Wolf 3D experiment. Doom is doable. We might even be able to do something like Mechwarrior 2 or 3. Halo? I'd like to see a port of Diablo or an Age Of Empires type of orthogonal perspective view. Something like SimCity or Farmville should be possible in the same sort of perspective view. So this all requires tool sets. Game engines, sprite and palette and tile editors. Text editor, music, sound effect libraries... lots of tools. Should we be looking at making some sort of common game engine, and libraries that hook into it?
  5. It looks like a lot more than two layers in that parallax effect.
  6. Asteroid Commander is up to 11kb of assembly language code and about 400kb of lookup tables, so far.
  7. Buildings! Also I go over a very fast subroutine that multiplies a six bit number by26 and divides by another six bit number...in 100 cycles or less.
  8. One thing this thread should make clear: people have become passionate about this machine. One way or another, it will happen.
  9. There are a couple of different fonts in ROM bank 6. Scrolling through it now, I see lower case a starting at C408 for one character set, and lower case a starting at CB08 for a subtly different set. That second one includes a few serifs and features curly braces at CBD8 and CBE8, in the place where square brackets normally go. So, if you want upper and lower case and curly braces, and a whole bunch of international characters instead of petscii graphics, then copy from C800-CFFF in ROM bank 6 to 0F800-0FFFF in VRAM. Or just copy the part you probably want most, from CB08-CBF7 to either 0F808-0F8F7 (unshifted characters) or 0FC08-0FCF7 (shifted characters). Those VRAM locations are assuming you're using the default location for the tile data.
  10. Even then, VERA is not out of line with Commodore's chip fab capabilities circa 40 years ago. They did produce their own custom chips for video/audio like the VIC chip, and something like VERA was well within their capabilities. The chief difference between the X16 and something like a C64 or VIC-20 is that RAM is much cheaper today, and we have solid state storage devices now.
  11. It's in sort of a weird space in between monitor and editor. I'm writing the code directly, and can use the labels as part of the parameters, but I can also insert and delete bytes as if I was making room in a text editor, and can copy or move code around. The mnemonics are slightly different from the standard notation, too.
  12. The problem for me is that I'm using the META/L editor, which is just a fancy monitor program with labels. There is no re-assembling the program, because all commands are converted into machine language as I type them. So, no macros.
  13. I don't use macros at all; my editor doesn't have that feature. I can however copy and paste code.
  14. Guys like Uncle Bob and Kevlin Henney are good to watch if you want your code to be clear and maintainable. One thing that Bob Martin said in another video which stuck with me is (paraphrasing) "paradigms are just a set of arbitrary restrictions we put on programmers".
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