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  1. I've been a busy boy this summer working on something for the X16 that has gotten really out of hand - a Duke Nukem style 3d first person shooter game engine. Yes, it's possible. This computer is going to have a ton of software available right out of the gate.
  2. A couple years ago someone made a joke video about this project, and it showed a breadboard sticking up out of the case. Now you're telling us: this is actually possible, as a daughter board. It's a little late for design changes here, but if this makes sense to @Michael Steil and @Frank van den Hoef the applications of this little machine expand from teaching programming to also teaching electronics.
  3. With the change to IRQLINE coming in the next version of VERA, it should be easy to incorporate PCM audio snippets into Zsound; well, relatively easily. I am working on something to demonstrate FASTMATH (boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast), and if I can just drop in Zsound and have triggered sound effects and background music then great. I'd sure like a link to Furnace and your code in this thread, please.
  4. So, we should poll IRQLINE(8) and then write to IEN?
  5. I've only used the PCM audio so far, so it's nice to see what can be done with the PSG and YM.
  6. Well, you could rewrite them yourself....
  7. Yeah, it's probably better to have a separate website to have the store and official documentation. This fan-run site is really good the way it is, we're sharing code and showing off what the system can do.
  8. Now it just needs the sound. Under 90 seconds though, that's fantastic.
  9. I suppose I should share the code I used to make this. No, it doesn't depend on anything being set to zero, except for the one tile that is used in the top two and bottom two rows on the screen (it's 8 rows by 20 columns). Are you using an actual VERA?
  10. I'm going to try again soon, using @ZeroByte's suggestion of using MACPTR. That will get the number of files down to 3 - a PRG and two SEQs - and perhaps I'll also lower the video frame rate to 12 fps. The sound seems to work, except loading the audio into low RAM and then pushing it to VERA is taking too long and it occasionally runs our of PCM data, hence the pops. Hopefully MACPTR fixes that too.
  11. Another possibility is that the hardware is still slightly slower than the emulator, and perhaps only 12 fps is possible. But then that would show just the left side of the image changing...
  12. Ok, that helps narrow it down, then, it wasn't a problem with the upload. @Wavicle is the BOND folder and BOND.PRG in the root directory of the SD card?
  13. I think you're right about the video but the audio might be ok; the first several seconds of the video sound like that, and the audio isn't triggered the same way as video. Has anyone who downloaded this tried it on the emulator?
  14. The loud pops are the PCM running out of data. That shouldn't happen; when the buffer runs below 1kb the AFLOW flag is set, and in my custom IRQ when that happens the next 2594 bytes are loaded immediately. It's playing 12970 Hz 16 bit mono so 2594 bytes is 1/10th of a second being loaded when it still has 0.04 seconds of audio left in the buffer. And a new image should have been loaded every fourth VSYNCH. Very curious.
  15. Is it playing any sound at all? The images should be getting loaded every fourth VSYNCH, but the audio is triggered by the AFLOW. Also, did you try it on the emulator? Maybe I screwed something up in the upload.
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