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  1. jtk

    WASD Keyboard

    Took me almost a year but I finally got it. Decided to go with Cherry MX Clear and no dampeners. I love it! Thanks for all the guidance everyone. Time to fill this thing up with Fritos crumbs.
  2. Rocket League. About 20 hours a week for the past 2 years. I'm rather obsessed.
  3. jtk

    WASD Keyboard

    I didn't even include Clear in my original research, I think I like these the most. Did you get any dampeners and, if so, which ones? When I finally had the money for this, WASD wasn't taking orders for just about anything. Looks like this keyboard is available again and I'm ready to take the plunge.
  4. Nice! I had given up on those tutorials. During that experiment, I also discovered the files resulting from a SAVE aren't just plain text BASIC and it took me way too long to figure out why the emulator would just freeze when I LOADed them. Why aren't they just plain text?
  5. jtk

    WASD Keyboard

    @troj one of my kids has a Razer too, that's one of reasons I realized I need to upgrade, I get jealous every time I use his. I'm on an Amazon Basics I know no matter what switch I choose I certainly won't be any worse off than that.
  6. jtk

    WASD Keyboard

    @Jestin @troj Thanks, I've got a friend nearby with Brown and Blue I'm gonna try before I buy, but I don't think Blue is really gonna be an option. Maybe I'll try to sample a Red before, but I don't want to drive myself crazy and cause analysis paralysis again
  7. jtk

    WASD Keyboard

    @Jestin I think I'm leaning towards Brown now, is the +$25 to add the dampeners on the WASD site kind of ridiculous? The ones in your link are pretty cheap and I can't imagine adding them yourself is too difficult. I'm not even sure I'll need them right away, I can type lightly and my friend says Browns are dead silent if you don't bottom out.
  8. jtk

    WASD Keyboard

    @Dani That's the #1 reason it's taken me so long to commit. I'd love to be able to physically test all of them before choosing. This sound test video from WASD is hopefully helping me get a good idea of the different sounds (listening through a Bose Wave Radio). Seems like Brown vs Red isn't much difference, but Brown vs Silent Red is pretty big, and Silent Red sounds like it would be the least distracting, but I'm really torn on that tactile feel. I game a lot, Reds seem to be suggested for that, but I don't think I'm good enough at any FPS to warrant optimizing for it, so the sound is the only appeal for me there. Maybe I need another year to decide.
  9. I've been entertaining the the idea of getting my first mechanical keyboard for about a year. After seeing the availability of the Commander X16 Deluxe Keyboard on WASD I think I'm inspired to finally commit. Even if the project doesn't make it for some reason, I still think it's a cool looking keyboard and the key labels don't matter to me, I can touch type on a blank keyboard. Since I have never owned a mechanical keyboard, and it's a rather pricey purchase, I'm hoping some people here might have some answers and suggestions. 1. I absolutely need a Scroll Lock key, it's the shortcut key for my KVM. Does the 40/80 Display key function as a Scroll Lock key on a standard PC? 2. I don't need perfect silence but I code all day and game all night in an area often occupied by other people. I'm thinking of going either Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Silent Red. This comparison video has me leaning towards Silent Red. Does anyone have a experienced opinions on the difference between these 2 or suggestions on why another type might be better? 3. Does purchasing this particular keyboard support the Commander X16 project directly?
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