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  1. Just read this post detailing an ancient bug in BASIC 2. Would be nice if it were fixed in X16 BASIC :).
  2. Hi Ellindsey, welcome! A lot of the technical details can be found here.
  3. I'm so gonna watch that... Can't wait to have some spare time...
  4. None, can you imagine... I started on an XT clone, never had a home computer unfortunately. I still have the case, monitor and parts of that clone, but it hasn't been assembled in many, many years, unfortunately...
  5. It was a nice response video, thanks @Perifractic for putting the link here. It gives a bit of insight in David's reasoning, and from his point of view, I can fully understand why he did what he did. The one thing he probably didn't anticipate, him being a Commodore person, is that there are people who feel as passionate about old, rare IBM hardware as he feels about old, rare Commodore equipment like the C65 he mentioned. To them, it's like he held a brand new rare C65-like prototype and used that paperclip and dremmel on it. Not saying this warrants any hate speech or other types of abuse, but at least I can someone understand the passion someone can feel when encountering such a rare IBM device. As for some of the other points he made, I think he misses the point. Even if someone's YouTube channel is 100% politics-free, when you know that YouTuber is, say, virulant anti-abortion and women's rights, thinks gays are sick and need to be cured and whatnot, you would 100% "cancel" them if you're pro-choice and pro-lgbtq rights, since watching videos generates revenue, and you wouldn't want to support someone with believes completely opposite yours. The second point he misses is the Morgan Freeman comparison. This is definitely not the same as comparing a white person to Sylvester Stallone, as the "all black people look alike" (and the variant "all asian people look alike") meme does have racist connotations, so as a white person comparing a black person to another black person, even if they do look alike even to other black people, is somewhat tricky. David's remark is not racist per se, but him not understanding what could be racist about it, is a bit short-sighted. Anyway, I for one think that all those haters wouldn't by a CX16 anyway, so I don't see this project being in any kind of danger because of this.
  6. That depends on what you'd call "ported". It's already been stated there's a C64 version (for testing) and that there may be an official release later, iirc. I'm not sure about the feasibility for an Atari, depends on whether it has a compatible expansion connector.
  7. Yup, but the link just goes to the group main page. I'll try on my pc (on phone now).
  8. Can the VERA handle offset changes pretty scan line? You could then have a fixed offset line for every possible track line (in bitmap mode), and just select the right offset. And alternate the palette for white or red side-markings.
  9. The background could be tiled on the back plane, the objects sprites and the road itself in bitmap mode on the foreground plane. You could tune down the resolution a lot to speed it up (doesn't matter if it looks crude, background and sprites will look good). But what do I know, it's a long time ago that I did any kind of game programming .
  10. Otoh, if you'd want something like Round42, you're gonna need a lot of sprites...
  11. What about ROM? The GBC had cartridges with ROM, what was the ROM size limit?
  12. I can imagine having to almost duplicate the sprite rendering engine (if you could call it that) for the sprite collision detection, but if that allows processing in a seperate thread, I'm all for it :). That said, I'm well aware of the difficulties of creating a fast emulator. I'm currently developing my own retro home computer using FPGAs, and the biggest challenge I had in creating the emulator wasn't the synchronisation of write events (the CPU changing registers at some point in time), but read events (the CPU postponing a write until some value was read, e.g. syncing to horizontal retrace). Write events can be put in an event queue, and syncing that with the screen rendering can give you a pixel-perfect and somewhat fast emulation, but the reads are deadly... In the end I decided not to solve it, and rely on the software playing nice and using the hsync interrupt instead of busy-loop waiting.
  13. Sprite collision calculations seem something especially suited for multi-threading.
  14. Explain then why they didn't go for Mister right away? Also, the "firmware" (I assume you mean the kernal) isn't open source, as it's licensed from Cloanto.
  15. Although I can understand you'd want that, I'm pretty sure this good against the spirit of this project. Many people have poured hundreds of hours in this project, and not just to see their work reimplemented on Mister, without them getting a dime for it.
  16. I think it's in the faq somewhere, but otherwise it was said on Facebook, that this will not be possible.
  17. Because there's analogue circuitry involved in displaying the colours on a non-digital monitor like a TV or a monitor taking composite in. Verstuurd vanaf mijn motorola one hyper met Tapatalk
  18. So how does this work, technically? Verstuurd vanaf mijn motorola one hyper met Tapatalk
  19. Interesting observation. It's this compared to a real C64 on an era-appropriate monitor, or a modern emulator running on the same computer as the X16 emulator? Verstuurd vanaf mijn motorola one hyper met Tapatalk
  20. Thanks for setting me straight. I'm used to more "modern" MSBASIC dialects, and didn't know there was a time ELSE didn't exist at all. Verstuurd vanaf mijn motorola one hyper met Tapatalk
  21. It's not that it doesn't support ELSE, but that you can't have multiple statements between THEN and ELSE. IF THEN ELSE needs to be a single statement. Verstuurd vanaf mijn motorola one hyper met Tapatalk
  22. Hi Frank, nice to see a fellow Dutchman involved in this project. Some day I might have some technical questions concerning the FPGA code
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