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  1. What's the weirdest to me is that the Foenix used to have a forum with a small, but growing, community. However, it seems it was deleted. I don't understand how you can throw away a community that helps your project live. Almost as if you want the community to stay small and insignificant.
  2. Alright, sorry, I'll be more clear. My browser, firefox, does load the font if I disable a security feature. I have it enabled, as it should be. What I tried to say is that maybe that is why 66 is having an issue with the size as well as an issue with the looks. That is all. I don't have a "funny browser" and I'm not trying to be a troll about it like Yaz, I was trying to be helpful and point at the origin of the appearance because from reading the earlier posts, it seems that people haven't caught on to what is happening. That's what I meant by not having it installed.
  3. I know I'm late, but I want to point out that when you don't have the fancy font installed on your pc, the profile name font is ridiculously small and hard to read: So you basically have to use your own theme or it's unreadable without zooming , but even then the rest of the font size is normal so you end up with text that is too big. BTW, at that size, OP's username looks like it ends with funny 8s instead of 6s, which is what he might have been referring to.
  4. At last, another DQ fan! Man that's a rare sight these days. When I talk about DQ I always meet with eyes full of questions from those unaware and eyes full of judgment from those who know what this series is. DQ is one of the greatest jrpg series out there, especially up to five in my opinion, although the monsters games were pretty good too. I looked at the gameplay of DQ builders and I was a bit disappointed tbh. I can do all of that in Minetest for free with actual crafting and building with simulated lego blocks... not to mention many are already on minecraft. I like the concept of "what happens if the player accepts King Dragon's offer" at the end of DQ I, but I don't think that style of game suits best that idea. BTW, if you're into game medals/trophies/achievements/etc, you may want to check out retroachievements.org which has achievements for all DW/DQ games on both NES and SNES. BTW relevant to DQ Builders haha: https://retroachievements.org/achievement/79698
  5. Actually not even surprised about Wikipedia being so fast. There are people and bots watching the new articles 24/7 on that site. What really surprises me is how they threw around the term "vaporware". Totally unexpected.
  6. I don't think I have a top 10. The games I love, I love them equally. However I have two favourites, which I consider to be the same game. I have spent my early teenage years playing the first and second Civilization games on DOS. An aunt had shown me the game on one of the rare occasions we were visiting and I got addicted. But, who couldn't get addicted to that game? The way it was made, you'd finish your turn, but then you'd anxiously wait for the effects of that turn, and then the next turn came and you'd want to do more, look forward to what would happen. It was always just one more turn. Just one more. How can that go wrong? Well, whens it's the middle of the night and there's school the next day, you know you screwed up, but it was SO worth it! I spent an ungodly amount of time on that one game. Never been good at it though. It's just that good. Never ever tried the other civs, because even today it's still plenty addictive fun. My favourite game on the NES is Tetris, but only because I love to watch people playing it at competitive events like the CTWC.
  7. Unfortunately I don't have any vintage computer in my collection. Most of my childhood was playing games on the Sega Dreamcast and the SNES. I think the only remotely vintage or retro things I own are a cartridge for the gameboy and another for the gameboy color - I played those on a GameBoy Advance SP though (which was stolen, someone had broken in our home and they stole a bunch of other useless stuff like a laptop that could only power on when it was plugged with its charger - without the charger...) So I own 2 Dreamcasts and a Nintendo 64. My parents are still holding on their SNES even though it doesn't work anymore and why shouldn't they? The console had amazing games with very nostalgic memories attached and my mom knew how to clear many Super Mario titles by heart and she could beat LoZ A Link to the Past without dying. I remember when I was a kid I was mostly watching my parents play. We even had nights where my brother and I would get to sleep like that - we'd watch our parents play Mario and fall asleep like that. Fun times.
  8. I'll be honest, I cringed a bit when I saw him do the paperclip thing because I've always been told to never to that, but I thought there wasn't much anything else he could try and that thing wasn't working anyway. Besides, if this is the normal procedure and other experts are baffled as to why it didn't work, the fault lies in the complexity of the system being repaired, not the one attempting the repairs. In retrospect, of course what David did seems dumb, because we know what happened. Armed with the foreknowledge, it's easy to get angry and blame him. But I think no one would have questioned it if the computer didn't blow, even if it still didn't work. Now, the only real controversy in my book is that he doesn't show if he tried what seemed to be the boot disk. That's all and no need to be salty or toxic about it. The comment section of that video was a mess and just not very fun to look at. I'm more disappointed by the youtube community than by David's damaging a rare, albeit stubborn, prototype which nobody knew anything about anyway. David could have easily decided not to do the video at all and that computer would have remained largely unknown by most. Isn't anyone glad to know this exist? You know, the first thing that went to my mind was "gosh, what other prototypes do we not know about which are stored somewhere ready to be discovered?". I don't think the X16 will suffer from this. The Commander X16 will succeed or fail on its own, though I don't see how it could fail at this point in time. Most people I've seen are reasonable and can make the difference between an honest mistake and incompetence/negligence. They can also see the difference between two distinct projects. Why should the 8-Bit Guy's ignorance of how that rare prototype computer works be the downfall of an unrelated project? I don't believe there is any reason supporting that line of thought that can't be easily debunked.
  9. That's a very good idea! I'll definitely have this in the back of my head next time I deal with this kind of issues.
  10. Actually .Net is Windows response to Java in some regards so it is aimed at being multi platform. It is possible to use unmanaged windows libraries to do pretty much anything in .Net. I could actually have used real images in the console if I wanted to and probably play mp3 files too or at least have more control on the music thread. But then, it wouldn't be able to run on Mono. I did want to play my game on my Linux machine after all. However, it is stupid we can't use other file formats for music. It's not like mp3 is a format exclusive to windows or anything lol
  11. Sorry about that. They were originally MP3, but as I said in my post, with the default .Net sound stuff, only wav is compatible so I had to convert the files from mp3 to wav. I didn't think of the download size to be honest, if I had thought about that, I would have completely removed music from the game. Sorry again. Edit: Music was completely removed, now it's only a 68kb file.
  12. So, last Monday I started a little game project as an excuse to experiment with my ConsolePaint library for .Net, but also as an exercise for a much more ambitious project later (which will be fully retro). For this occasion, I thought I'd replicate one of my favourite games of the NES; Tetris, but with a twist; the user should be able to create his own difficulty by directly modifying drop delays, game execution speed and the rate at which the game becomes faster (and thus, more challenging). There are a couple of challenges in doing a game in the console terminal: Printing characters to the console window is slow. Refreshing the screen is even slower and just printing the characters on new lines wouldn't entirely sell the illusion of a piece moving. You can only use characters when using the terminal, so no graphics (duh!) In this case, the "user interface" needs to be user friendly enough so that anyone can play and alter the game variables without having to remember the command names. There needs to be some kind of sound for tetrises and background music. I couldn't really solve the first problem since .Net doesn't have any way to hijack the console screen buffer like in C++ with windows.h, so I ended up trying to minimize as much as possible calls to Write and WriteLine by only writing and rewriting in precise areas of the screen by repositioning the cursor. Because some areas of the screen are only drawn once or occasionally, it saved some execution time. This did more to solve the second problem than the first one actually, since it entirely got rid of the slow refresh problem you'd get with the Clear method. First shot shows the areas where the characters are only printed once on the screen. Second shot shows areas which are only reprinted when the information needs to be updated. So the thing with Tetris is that the game is basically just squares on a screen. You don't need to be particularly fancy with the graphic design and people know this (except maybe the folks who made Tetris Effect haha). However, I still wanted to use the most out of the character set to make it as pleasant to the eye as possible. This is where the lack of graphics really hurts because the .Net console only supports 16 colours and a limited set of characters. I did notice also that the pieces in classic nes Tetris actually don't always use the same palette and appearance, so I at least wanted to include alternating colours and use fun characters as alternative tetromino blocks. However, after I started showing pictures on a few discord groups and to friends, all were unanimous that the special characters HAD to go and at least half of them found the colours jarring and too much to process. That made me sad because I really liked the fun character set and I sincerely thought the colours made the experience better. But I aim to please everyone, including I. So what I ended up doing is making those things optional; they can be turned on and off in the game settings. The above screenshot shows a game where the special characters are disabled with colour enabled, this one below is the reverse. These options are not mutually exclusive by the way; you can have grey bland tetrominos or colourful tetrominos using the fun characters. "The fool did not see that he was not Tetris ready. He was severely disappointed!" Now, there remains the case of the GUI. If I was going to write code for something which wouldn't make people flee, it would take a while. Remember earlier when I wrote that I was looking for an excuse to use my ConsolePaint library? Well, I put it to good use. All these rectangles on the screen were "drawn" by it, I just called the right methods and it wasn't even something I had to worry about. The library can draw all sorts of different borders too and initially I tried a more varied design until I ended up with what we have now. I also used that library to draw a picture on the screen so that the main menu didn't look too empty. What I did first was to draw some quick pixel "art". The colours of the image were converted to the 16 colour palette of the .Net console and then the pixels were converted to characters. Although in this case, the conversion was probably not needed. The image I drew: The result: You may be surprised to see that I named my Tetris clone "Retro Tetro Pro". That's actually because the name Tetris is trademarked. Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but I want no trouble for a game which only a few number of people are going to play. I'm not going to talk to much about the user friendliness of the GUI, I think navigating the menus with the arrow keys and pressing enter is a pretty obvious design choice. However it may or may not surprise you to learn that I didn't use a switch statement or if statement for handling user choices in the menu. That would have been too long and tedious! Instead I chose to put some actions in an array and the arrow keys actually increase or decrease an index which is used to call those actions. I wish I had thought of that before. Strictly speaking of design though, the only thing I consciously thought about for more than one second is how to give an obvious visual cue that a value is being increased or decreased. I chose to print a green upward triangle when the user is increasing a value and red downward arrow when the user is decreasing the value. You can see more of the GUI and the effects the options have on the game in this little demonstration video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuE_L0-kAlI Those who went ahead and watched the video will notice that the game only plays a sound when its in the menu... That's actually a reflection of the how bad it is to use sounds in .Net. There was nothing I could do to really play music or fun sounds without it being a huge pain in the neck. I tried several solutions and ways to circumvent the problem, but the tools .Net comes with are insufficient for a pleasant experience. I figure if I have enough time and motivation in the future that I'll have to use a custom sound library with .Net bindings; Beeps are too annoying and trial-and-error based to be practical and the SoundPlayer is incredibly frustrating; it has its own little thread and it does its own little thing, so no way to directly interact with it or do "complex" algorithms like having a playlist of music or playing consecutive sounds. It plays the tune until its over or until the process is dead and sometimes its stop method inexplicably doesn't work. Also there's no way to tell when the SoundPlayer is done... not mentioning several limitations like being limited to playing wav files out of anything. At this point, I was a bit tired of working on this project and anyways, to me, one of the rare people on earth who does not enjoy music due to a medical condition, it was the least of my priorities. Thus, I felt it was a job well done and decided to release the game to a slightly wider audience with the bugged music player (it can be enabled in the menus, but it is disabled by default). I haven't gotten a lot of feedback yet because well... it's a Tetris clone. Everyone and their grandmother has both played and made it before. So I can't tell you if it was a success from the point of view of others. But I can tell you I'm satisfied with what I came up with despite the fact that I wasn't able to solve every issue I had. I learned a lot of things by putting myself to the challenge of making it work in the terminal window and it was a pretty interesting experience which I don't regret. Thank you for reading this post. And if you try Tetro Retro Pro, thank you once more, it makes me incredibly happy that it will not all be merely for showing off and experimenting. You can download the game here. Edit: For a much lower download size, download this version instead. In this version, any reference to music was commented out. Saved settings are not compatible between the two versions. Edit 2: Someone on discord pointed out that it doesn't come with info about the controls; Arrow keys to move and z to rotate. Edit 3: New release. Added controls information to the menu, added a jingle for a quadruple line clear and added the pause functionality.
  13. Oui, mais seulement parce qu'il est mal enseigné et je dois dire qu'il est mal enseigné autant aux locuteurs natifs qu'à ceux et celles qui l’apprennent en tant que deuxième langue. En théorie, les gens doivent apprendre les terminaisons de chaque groupe de verbe et ne pas avoir à apprendre par cœur comment chaque verbe se conjugue. Mais les enseignants montrent de moins en moins les familles de verbe qui se conjuguent de la même façon pour se concentrer sur la grammaire. Normalement, on doit apprendre ce qu'on appelle les verbes modèles et les utiliser comme référence pour conjuguer les autres verbes réguliers. Ils existe plusieurs verbes modèles, mais les plus importants à apprendre sont Aimer pour les verbes en -er et Finir pour les verbes en -ir.
  14. Fait intéressant: les pièces de monnaies françaises n'avaient pas d'accents sur les mots Fraternité - Égalité - Liberté @John Chow Seymour La qualité de ton français est super! Tu es sur la bonne voie. Voici quelques petits trucs pour t'aider à apprendre la langue française: « écrire » a toujours un « e » à la fin. Nôtres = Ours Nos = Our (when the object is plural) Notre = Our (when the object is singular) Puisque l'objet « ancêtres » est au pluriel et la traduction immédiate est our, il faut utiliser « nos ». Généralement parlant, lorsqu'on parle d'un pays ou d'une région qui commence par C (dur), K et Q, on utilise « au ». Donc on dit « au Québec », « au Canada », « au Congo », « au Qatar », etc. Sinon il n'y a pas de truc, il faut apprendre par cœur quand il faut utiliser « en » ou « au ». Quand on parle d'une ville ou d'un village, on utilise « à ». Donc on dit « à Paris », « à New York », « à Lansing », mais on dit « au Michigan ». Nous parlerons = we will speak Nous parlons = we speak Je te conseilles de jeter un coup d’œil à https://la-conjugaison.nouvelobs.com/ c'est un puissant outil d'apprentissage pour la conjugaison. Il m'arrive même à moi d'y recourir en cas de doutes. En passant, tu as raison d'écrire « tutoriel » au lieu de tutorial.
  15. Games are meant to be played, they shouldn't be left in the box and it's one of the biggest advantages of collecting games over any other item like coins, figurines and precious stones. Collecting games is fun because you can share the fun of your hobby by playing with other people.
  16. Bienvenue au Franco-Fun, un fin établissement situé un peu partout à la fois dans le cyberespace. Aux premier et deuxième étages, les vieux ordinateurs et autres merveilles de temps plus simples et révolus triomphent. Pour les curieux, le troisième et dernier étage offre une fenêtre directe sur les émotions d'un Windows. C'est pas vraiment palpitant, mais c'est l'étage où sont situés le bar et les bornes d'arcade donc... Bref, peu importe ou vous allez dans le Franco-Fun, c'est l'endroit idéal pour parler de tout, de rien et surtout de tout en français. On aime les vieux ordinateurs et on a hâte d'essayer le CommanderX16, mais aucun sujet ne devrait pas être abordé. Je commence: Ça fait un bout que je n'ai pas programmé en asm 6502 et je me souviens plus de rien. J'ai trouvé plusieurs excellents tutos sur le web en anglais, mais je me demandais si quelqu'un en connaît un en français pour plus facilement replonger dedans.
  17. T'as de la chance, le plus beau coin de la belle province! On se tue et on s'emmerde avec les nid-de-poules et les forêts sans fin par ici! J'aurais voulu habiter à Québec, mais malheureusement mes liens sociaux sont presque tous à Montréal ou dans les environs :-(
  18. Je viens du Québec... plus précisement de la couronne nord de la grande région de Montréal. Penses-tu qu'on pourrait avoir un sous forum francophone dans l'avenir si on devient assez nombreux? I don't think there was much controversy regarding Stefany's design choices. The loudest voice and only one who has spoken really against the project was David, and even then it was more along the lines of "not bad, but not what I'm looking for". And there wasn't much controversy on their forums either. But may I'm wrong, I don't know much about it. Of course, I know very little about the project, but back when I learned about it, the project was going well and at a good pace. The C256 had a lot of features I'd consider important already done and Stefany had the help of a few volunteers to make stuff. What kind of stuff? I don't know, I didn't watch the development closely enough. I lurked their forums from time to time... To my eyes it seemed like a done deal, something which would ship soon or soonish. As you say, it's sad.
  19. Oh noooooo the big bad microsoft uses more than 50 mb for their software development tools, call the bloatware police! Do you still live in the early 2000s? Look, I don't know much about windows. I don't like Microsoft too. However, I use a Linux distro as my main development OS and even I have had multiple security updates for many things within a single month. Are those "bloatware" now? I don't think you know what bloatware is. Bloatware is when it makes things slower, use more memory, more processing power, etc for no tradeoff. Also, that's a red herring anyways; how does that matter to kids in a teaching context? What is preventing anyone from not updating if it bothers them? Do you really need to regularly update to teach kids about the basics of programming? BASIC is very old, yet it doesn't matter when it's BASIC, but it matters when its C#? Anyways, you'll just say anything modern is bloatware just to be contradictory. You said the same thing about Java. I'll give you that it was true (and still sort of is) to a certain extent for Java. However, you must know that what is true about Java is not necessarily true about C# or whatever other language you have a bone with. btw Java is much faster than you might think; it wouldn't still be used in IoT if it was that slow.
  20. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Like do you have actual credible sources or are you pulling this out of your ass because you don't like C#?
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